Hurricane "Harvey" washed up on the beach Texas creepy sea monster

Elias Hubbard
September 14, 2017

It is suspected that Hurricane Harvey, which conveyed solid breezes and flooding to Texas, could clarify why the animal was cleaned up.

The spine-chilling monster with its thick, serpent-like body, daggered teeth and NO EYES had social media stumped - the only thing they knew was that they were never going to swim again.

"My main reaction was curiosity, to figure out what the heck it was". "I thought it could be something from the deep sea that might have washed on to shore".

"My initial thought was it might be a sea lamprey but when I got close I realised there was no way that was what it was, particularly based on the mouth".

'We squished it around a bit, and even turned it over but couldn't come up with any other ideas'.

She posted a few photographs with the subtitle: "Approve, science twitter, what the hell is this?"

Some Twitter users have suggested the creature might be some kind of eel - a claim supported by Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History eel specialist Dr Kenneth Tighe, Earth Touch news reports.

'I mentally smacked my forehead, because once that was suggested I could absolutely see the eel shape.

Fangtooth eels originate off the coast of the East Atlantic and Mediterranean.

'It might be Bathyuroconger vicinus or Xenomystax congroides, ' he said.

"I've already got a huge interest in wildlife, especially birds and ocean creatures, but it was so unexpected to see it there on the beach".

He said it might likewise be a garden or conger eel, since "each of the three of these species happen off Texas and have substantial tooth like teeth". That would differentiate between the ophichthid and the congrids'.

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