Kate Hudson is under fire for calling her C-section 'lazy'

Lawrence Kim
September 13, 2017

"Shaming a way that so many women don't chose (sic) to have their babies but have to!"

"Absolutely disgusting how another woman can say having a c section is lazy!" shared a second reader, as someone else Hudson's C-section remark as "insensitive". I labored for over 24 hours before it was no longer safe for me and my baby. Then my hips weren't opening, and I wasn't dilating. As angry readers expressed their disappointment, one mother-to-be went on to narrate her personal experience before slamming Hudson.

The actress and designer, 38, revealed many things in a Cosmopolitan questionnaire, like which of her costars she'd spend a weekend in Vegas with (Matthew McConaughey) or trust with a major secret (her stepfather Kurt Russell), but it was her response to 'The laziest thing I've ever done, ' that has her people upset, with some even saying they no longer consider themselves a fan. I have had both and believe me having a C-Section was one of the hardest things I have ever done; I ended up nearly dying I was very, very ill and it took a long time to recover, ' said one of Kate's 7.7million Instagram followers.

Kate had eldest boy Ryder, 13, by C-section, while younger son Bingham, six, was a VBAC birth.

However, supporters of the star have also turned out on social media to defend her, insisting she was probably just joking: "I had three c sections in the last 4 years, and I found the comment hilarious". Let's just have a C-section.' And so I got drugged up'. She was also given a series of questions which she had to fill out for her feature.

However not everyone was so quick to slam the actress, with some fans pointing out that she has spoken out before about her own hard birth - and even explains herself in the cover interview itself.

She said: 'I was going to get induced because the baby was so big. My contractions were two to five minutes apart and I couldn't feel anything. She wrote, "Sounds exactly like something I would have said as a joke. But I'm sure it was not to discount anyone that's had to have a C-section & what they went through".

Medically unnecessary reasons for a C-section include planning a due date around work or travel plans, a doctor's schedule, or, perhaps, around wanting to avoid paparazzi. I just don't want to do this again.

This is a great time to remind both Hudson and anyone else who looks down on C-sections that there is no "right" way to give birth.

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