Corbyn: Labour Open to Keeping UK Locked in EU's Single Market

Marco Green
September 13, 2017

The European Union and Britain agreed to delay by a week the next round of Brexit talks, on expectations that Prime Minister Theresa May would make an important speech on the subject on September 21, diplomats in Brussels said.

Both the opposition and several Conservative party members referred to the Henry VIII powers as tantamount to a "power group" which they pledged to contest.

Members of both parties said they'd seek changes to the bill after entering the committee stage, with pro-European Tories such as Dominic Grieve, Nicky Morgan and Anna Soubry indicating that they would vote for the bill with later amendments in mind, and pro-Brexit Labour lawmakers Kate Hoey and David Stringer, and former European Minister Caroline Flint saying they'd break ranks to back the bill.

He said the UK's commitment to European security was "undiminished".

MPs backed the EU Withdrawal Bill by 326 votes to 290 despite some critics branding it a "power grab" by ministers.

Britain will offer the European Union a "deep security partnership" against terrorism, cyber crime and illegal immigration, it will say.

"She needs to keep going, get this thing done.we need to get this great ship launched", Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a one-time rival for the leadership of the party and a prominent pro-Brexit campaigner, told the BBC. The government has said those powers will not be used for any significant changes but rather for technical amendments and only for a limited time.

British MPs today voted in favour of a crucial bill to end the UK's membership in the European Union, a victory for embattled Prime Minister Theresa May who hailed the "historic decision" to back the will of the people.

His party had largely chose to vote against the bill but seven of Labour's MPs defied party leader Jeremy Corbyn to back the government on the bill, saying it supports the will of the British people who voted for Brexit in the June 2016 referendum.

Just one month ago, he said that European Union and Single Market membership were "inextricably linked" - implying that keeping the United Kingdom in the market would be a betrayal of the referendum result.

In a statement later, the party said its position had not changed. We want to achieve full tariff-free access to the single market.

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