'American Horror Story: Cult': A Monster Without Teeth

Lawrence Kim
September 13, 2017

Sure, they seem innocent enough with all their talk of Etsy and Beyoncé, but the moment they reveal themselves to be co-presidents of the Nicole Kidman fan club's MI chapter, you know they've got skeletons in their closet.

After calming down, Ally claims something might be wrong with her.

Ally begins to lock her house up with all the new features she had installed, probably because she has been so mortified from all the clown sightings.

"One day they called me and they had already talked to Evan, and I think that they called him and were like, 'Is she going to be OK?'" Johnson recalls of landing Feud. Ally and Ivy tell the police officer about this incident and he immediately asks about the worker's immigration status, in which Ivy claims he is American. She isn't exactly eager to promise him a vote, so he leaves her with these chilling words: "It's so easy until it's you they're coming for". Despite being the worst person for the job, Ally volunteers to investigate, only to discover that one of their (racist) employees has been killed and hanged among the pigs.

'American Horror Story: Cult': A Monster Without Teeth
'American Horror Story: Cult': A Monster Without Teeth

While Pedro's murder clearly shows how Ally's story will turn on its head (as her name suggests, she had positioned herself as a progressive ally to immigrants, but has now murdered one in cold blood), it's the mystery surrounding the sous chef's death that's actually much more troubling. With her gun in hand, she rushes Oz to the door and instructs him to run to the neighbors' house. Harrison goads on Ally's fears, telling her, it's "the only thing that will make you feel safe again". Winter picks up on this - she encourages Ally to have some wine and a bath to unwind, instead of taking her medication. In her distressed state, she fires her gun at a shadowy figure trying to enter her kitchen door, only to later realize it wasn't a creepy clown, but Pedro on his way to deliver some essentials to Ally.

Suddenly, the power goes out, and with it, so does Winter, exclaiming that she has to go home to save her laptop. "We're under attack!" It's interesting that he goes political, telling Ally that it could be Russians or "those insane freaks in North Korea", seemingly playing on her fears. She finds that someone's cut the cords in her fusebox, and even sees a few of the masked murderers. She goes upstairs to get Oz and runs into some clowns along the way.

Now, not only has Ally committed a murder and lost another friend, but my guess is Kai will try to use this to his advantage.

Following the premiere of the series last week, FX has released the American Horror Story: Cult ratings and the groundbreaking and award-winning anthology series, from co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, drew 4.56 million Adults 18-49 and 6.91 million Total Viewers for its premiere telecast (Tuesday, September 5, 10 PM-11:07 PM) on a Live+3 basis.

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