Florida auto dealerships load unsold vehicles into garages reserved for evacuees

Henrietta Strickland
September 13, 2017

Two enterprising auto dealers in Florida managed to piss off residents across the state this week by parking their entire inventories inside parking garages opened for free to the public to aid residents impacted by Hurricane Irma.

"Once the hurricane's over we'll be open with a dealership with new and certified cars that are not flooded", Tidwell said.

And it turns out the dealer, who remains unknown, may find it hard to retrieve the vehicles.

Hollywood officials denounced the move, asserting that the garages were meant as a "last resort" for residents, and not for a auto dealer.

As numerous cars as possible will be booted, she said, but the city has only so many boots available. "FSU is aware of the situation". Each vehicle was ticketed, city officials said, though as of Saturday morning the dealership responsible had not been identified.

The city may also apply an ordinance against the use of a public way for private business, "and that may lead to a higher fine", Hussey said. We are taking it seriously, " she said.

"Next time, we may staff the garage, not remove the gates (to slow access) or ask drivers for proof of residency".

Students were forced to park their vehicles elsewhere when at least one auto dealership, seeking protection for their fleet, parked dozens of vehicles at Florida State University's garages.

Napleton's West Palm Beach Hyundai also faced public ire after stashing more than 400 vehicles in a garage owned by a local shopping center in Palm Beach before the mall could release a statement announcing free parking from Friday through Monday in the area.

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