Rush Limbaugh, Who Called Hurricane Irma a Hyped-Up "Lie", Evacuates South Florida

Lawrence Kim
September 9, 2017

Now, the Atlantic goes through normal cycles of warming and cooling that have nothing to do with climate change, such as in response the El Nino and La Nina weather cycles.

Hurricane Irma slammed into the eastern Caribbean and Puerto Rico with 185 miles per hour winds on Wednesday while millions in Haiti, Cuba and Florida fled or hunkered down in anticipation of the storm's arrival later in the week.

The depth of an ocean does not play any role in the formation of a hurricane, but it's a huge player in how much damage the resulting storm can do.

There's a lot of plain old bad luck involved in these back-to-back tempests setting their sights on the southeastern U.S. barely a week apart.

As scientists have pointed out, climate change didn't cause the hurricanes.

It took Limbaugh about a day to change his mind.

"Burning coal, oil and gas warms our planet and that way supplies energy for the build-up of ever more powerful tropical storms", said Levermann. But it did make them more cataclysmic. He also didn't encourage listeners to evacuate Florida ahead of the storm. It's just that tomorrow is going to be problematic.

Remember also that while they're both the same kind of storm, they're very different in their particulars. In the week before Harvey hit the Houston area, August 18-24, spending on gas was up 13.4 percent from the year-ago period, Chhabra noted. We don't rebuild after hurricanes because they never touch us.

"All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent, and bigger, and more risky, and you create the panic, and it's mission accomplished, agenda advanced".

The earth is getting warmer, which makes oceans get warmer, which in turn makes hurricanes stronger, she said.

Dr. Bell said his group does not consider climate change in developing its forecasts. It's just nature, they claim. "It could be devastating, and if anyone tells you otherwise, it is nearly criminal".

But for those wishing to know if there are indeed connections between these extreme weather disasters and human-caused planetary warming, a good place to start would be the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute. Mann recently appeared in Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary on climate change.

Climate change ranked seventh among issues that Democrats considered extremely important in their vote for president, according to a 2016 Gallup poll.

Q: How quickly can you find out the impact of climate change?

Dr. Mann explained, "Well, first of all, many of those who call themselves climate change "skeptics" are actually the opposite". Scientists have to keep proving it over and over again.

"We'll be on the air next week, folks, from parts unknown".

That's why virtually every nation in the world agreed two years ago - now minus the USA - to face the challenge, try to dial back emissions to reduce the damage and pump resources into helping get ready for what we know is coming.

Where and how to do those things are tough questions. It's an easy one.

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