John Oliver on Trump: 'Terrifying entity who viciously attacks his enemies'

Elias Hubbard
August 21, 2017

On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver weighed in on Steve Bannon's exit from the White House, expressing disappointment with how little he thinks the departure will effect the Trump administration. Current sites, Oliver argues, are unsafe, particularly one nuclear storage facility in California that sits on a fault line next to the ocean, which Oliver says sounds like something from the opening scene of "a movie starring the Rock that you watch on a plane". "If you ware marching with white nationalists you are, by definition, not a very nice person".

He played a clip of host Melissa Francis not only defending Trump, but breaking down into tears after saying she felt the president was being judged.

"If you're getting emotionally overwhelmed at being judged for defending Trump in his Nazi sympathizer phase, stop fucking doing it", Oliver quipped. Rockets don't make it all the way to space every time they're fired off, and if one were to blow up, well, then we've got radioactive matter raining down on people.

Check it out above.

"Also, and I can not stress this enough, how did you manage to make this about you?"

According to Last Week Tonight, only 54 out of 292 Republican members of Congress denounced the president by name.

McConnell's staffers denied that report. "Leave my name in the mud where it belongs". "Take Paul Ryan, a man whose spine ran away from home 10 years ago and is now living on a spine commune in northern Vermont". "And the problem with not mentioning him is that suggests that he is somehow not a key part of the problem here", Oliver said. "He's just a terrifying entity who viciously attacks his enemies and judges people based on their birthright".

"I am so uncomfortable having this conversation because I know what's in my heart".

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