'Rogue' elephant killed in Jharkhand

Elias Hubbard
August 13, 2017

A sniper, deployed by Jharkhand's forest department, on Friday shot dead an elephant that is believe to have killed 15 people in Bihar and Jharkhand, Reuters reported.

LR Singh, the state's chief forest and wildlife conservator, had told AFP that shooting the animal was a last resort option.

After their unsuccessful mission, the Jharkhand government with a team of forest officials chose to shoot the elephant before it killed any more people. Before it was killed, the mammoth had terrorised 25 villages around Sahibgunj district of Jharkhand, by killing 11 persons and injuring nine. The hunters had tried to tranquilize and capture the animal for a week, but after many unsuccessful attempts, officials gave the team permission to kill the elephant.

The area is inhabited by the Paharia tribe, one of the poorest indigenous tribal communities in India. There have been two deaths just in the last four days because of the elephant.

"He is one of the best out there".

In 2014, Khan was licensed by the northern state of Uttar Pradesh to capture or kill a man-eating tiger that was believed to have killed eight people. After entering Sahibgunj, he had found enough forest cover which made him hard to track.Killer behaviour "He developed this abnormal behaviour of raiding the villages at night and pushing the huts down, killing women and children sleeping in them", Mr. Khan informed.After futile attempts by the veterinary team of the Jharkhand Forest Department to tranquillise the beast, Mr , As Reported By Hindu.

Animal lovers expressed their anger on the decision of Jharkhand government to shoot an elephant ahead of World Elephant Day on August 12.

Experts say violent encounters between elephants and humans are increasing as forests are cleared for human settlements and industry.

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