I got burned: Some possible leads for certified Solar Glasses

James Marshall
August 13, 2017

If you haven't placed an order yet - or your glasses are arriving after the solar eclipse - don't panic yet.

Zeiler, of Santa Fe, is a self-proclaimed "eclipse chaser".

The path goes just south of the IN border, which means Fort Wayne will experience a partial solar eclipse with about 85 percent of the sun blocked, Science Central Executive Director Martin S. Fisher said IN a news release.

For Zeiler, that first time was in 1991 in Baja California, Mexico. I can't say exactly how many pairs they have remaining, but there were approximately 60 pairs left Thursday that I could see. "It's the most handsome object in nature". Illinois State Police anticipate many people will hit the roads to see the eclipse in its totality.

On Aug. 21, the greater part of North America will experience a solar eclipse, when the moon blocks the sun from Earth's view.

In two types, the Moon slides directly between the Sun and the Earth.

As the moon moves away from the sun, the entire spectacle goes into reverse.

From noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, Science Central, 1950 N. Clinton St., will hold an AWS Special Abilities and Solar Eclipse Preparation Day for people with disabilities and for the general public.

Scammers have taken advantage of the hype surrounding the eclipse and released fake protective glasses, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Unfortunately, because the human eye still sees the world as, "sunny", even if the majority of the sun is blocked by the moon, we'll miss the show if it's overcast in Houston, or in any location across the majority of the country. She described Albuquerque's view of the upcoming eclipse as like a bright, crescent moon.

The naturalist team at Mahoney State Park is hosting an Eclipse Party at its headquarters on the day of the eclipse.

The observatory's 14-inch, professional telescope will allow viewers to safely observe the event. Plus, so many live within eight hours driving distance of it. This ever-changing region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions، and researchers will use the eclipse as a ready-made experiment.

Zeiler, creator of greatamericaneclipse.com, suggested a different viewing method.

Albuquerqueans may remember the 2012 eclipse, when the city was in the path of an annular eclipse.

But every so often, there's a narrow window when the Earth, sun and moon align.

Podoll said the most impressive feature during a total solar eclipse is the solar corona, which is the outer atmosphere of the sun.

That's about a 10-hour, 650-mile drive.

In addition to its preparation event, the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society also will help people experience the solar eclipse by having members out from noon to 3 p.m. August 21 in the plaza outside the main library, a group news release said.

People are understandably freaking out about if their glasses will arrive on time.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is predicting heavy interstate traffic in the days before and after the eclipse. Besides, temperature on Earth is expected to fall during the eclipse. This means, weather permitting, residents will see a majority of the sun's diameter covered by the moon and experience unnatural darkness in the midday.

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