Uncertified eclipse glasses pose a danger to your eyes

James Marshall
August 12, 2017

The total eclipse will first be visible in the U.S.in OR and then will travel on a diagonal path toward SC - at first glance, it wasn't hitting the states with major solar resources.

"What they'll see is the moon begin to take a bite out of the sun", Munson said.

The greatest solar eclipse in American history is headed straight for us, but the kids will play on. If you miss this eclipse, you may have to wait until the year 2045 to see another. The sun is now completely covered by the moon, and the only part of the sun visible is it's corona, or atmosphere - which can only be seen during a total solar eclipse (the corona is pretty awesome: While the sun's surface temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures in the corona rise to between three and four MILLION degrees!).

The June 8, 1918, solar eclipse, and this one a little over 99 years later, share a similar path of totality, which also started in OR but ended in Florida.

Camp sites in OR have been winning at an auction for $500 a night, compared to the normal $28 a night, and some premium spots with unobstructed views are going for $2,000.

The Mayborn Science Theater at Central Texas College will have a showing of its new show, "Totality", about the wonders of eclipses, especially total solar eclipses at 11:30 a.m. August 21. The program examines what eclipses are, and how and when they occur.

He knows the industry that supplies telescopes and other equipment to view the heavens from the more than two decades that he worked at Sky and Telescope magazine, long a favorite of both professional and amateur astronomers, including eight years as editor.

Astronomers Warren Hart, left, and Jay Huston discuss the August 21 solar eclipse Thursday at Central Texas College's Mayborn Science Theater in Killeen. I'm also excited about seeing the sun's corona - the outermost atmosphere of the sun, which is visible only during the total solar eclipse.

Time: 9 am to 3:30 p.m. Family showcase at 3 p.m.

The Eclipse begins in Lima at 1:01:48pm with the mid eclipse happening at 2:27:42pm
The Eclipse begins in Lima at 1:01:48pm with the mid eclipse happening at 2:27:42pm

Bhari discusses the total eclipse of the sun and his anticipation of experiencing this phenomenon firsthand. They answered a variety of questions and stressed the importance of solar eclipse safety.

"The eclipse turns off the ionosphere's source of high-energy radiation", said Bob Marshall, a space scientist at University of Colorado Boulder and principal investigator for one of the studies.

To remedy the dearth of research, the academy created a "Life Responds" project where citizens all over the world download the iNaturalist app from Apple or Android platforms and document the plant and animal reactions they see during the eclipse.

Though some media reports have wrongly stated that NASA endorses eclipse viewers, government agencies are precluded by ethics regulations from backing particular products.

Remember, you can not substitute sunglasses for solar viewing glasses and if you look directly at the eclipse with your naked eyes, you may cause serious eye damage.

Useful tip 2: "Your sunglasses will not protect you from certain death if you look at the sun".

This will happen on Mon., Aug. 21, a total eclipse of the sun. "It is way too bright to look at", he said. Park, Library, and Quincy Mine staff will have viewing glasses available on a first-come, first-serve basis along with pinhole viewers.

Bring a sack lunch.

You'll need to travel to Georgia's most northeastern counties, including Union and Rabun, to see the total eclipse. The historic event is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the area, which could pose a problem if everyone is attempting to use their cell phones at the same time. Many astrologers will be making reservations for local hotels probably starting in the next couple of years.

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