Map shows states predicted to have clear sky during total solar eclipse

James Marshall
August 12, 2017

The map shows where the path of totality is located. (Find out the exact eclipse time for your area here, and we have separate audio stories above and below for those in the path of the total or partial eclipse, respectively.) Also, we want your eclipse plans, stories and photos. I am going to be at a place in [Hopkinsville, Kentucky], where I can predict when the sun will disappear behind the moon, and when it will reappear to the nearest tenth of a second. The sky becomes very dark, as if it were night.

It's inevitable that people who would otherwise disagree about everything will gather together for the total solar eclipse - some might even weep and howl together in the shadow of the moon.

We're just over a week away from the epic eclipse, and one Nashville university has chose to delay the first day of class so students and teachers can enjoy the sight.

There has been a lot of talk already leading up to the eclipse but here are some numbers about the eclipse you may not know. Only during totality is it safe to look directly at the eclipse with the naked eye. The eclipse will begin about 11:50 a.m. and end about 2:40 p.m., depending on location. The total event will be completed by 2:24 p.m., lasting a total of two hours and 47 minutes.

Can I see the eclipse under cloud cover? Because if you think about it, you look up at the moon in the sky and you say, 'Well, where is it gonna be? These use special filters that block out the harmful rays of the Sun.

Permanent damage can occur just from glancing at the sun.

Remember official glasses are approved by the American Astronomical Society.

To safely view the eclipse, pick up ISO certified eclipse glasses.

Here's how NASA describes the indirect pinhole method: "Cross the outstretched, slightly open fingers of one hand over the outstretched, slightly open fingers of the other, creating a waffle pattern".

Map shows states predicted to have clear sky during total solar eclipse
Map shows states predicted to have clear sky during total solar eclipse

"It is really exciting", said Victoria Clark, director.

The day of the Eclipse, the York County library will host a viewing party starting at 1:30 pm.

"It's a big event".

"But we only get these total ones where they're lined up just right about every 18 months".

With any type of glasses, you should not be able to see anything around you when looking through them.

Newman attributes Americans' fascination with the eclipse to their love of science fiction, and she said the library will have eclipse-related learning activities available as well.

"Come out wherever you are and enjoy this", Newman said. Stars also can appear.

Proximity to the path of total eclipse doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a better view. "Please be sure to keep your headlights on for your safety throughout the entire day of the eclipse". Dr. Williams will demonstrate what will happen during the eclipse, talk about what to expect on August 21st, and give several helpful tips for eclipse viewing. The planetarium's Far Horizons team, a group of students, volunteers and Adler members, will travel to Perryville, Mo., to launch a pair of high-altitude balloons into the stratosphere to capture 360-degree video of the eclipse. Try Scottsbluff, Nebraska: 3 hours and 17 minutes on I-76 E. Bonus: If you head to Scotts Bluff National Monument you can get convenience and scenery.

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