In the United Kingdom, found eggs with toxins

Marco Green
August 12, 2017

Products will be withdrawn due to the chemical's unauthorized status, rather than a specific safety concern.

The agency has issued a list of recalled processed foods including sandwiches and salads in which the eggs were found, but added that many eggs were mixed with other eggs from unaffected farms, so any Fipronil residues would be diluted.

Supermarkets in several European countries have already started pulling million of eggs from the shelves.

Brussels said the 15 affected EU countries were Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Britain, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Denmark, along with non-EU Switzerland.

Dutch authorities on Thursday arrested two men as part of their investigation into the tainted eggs.

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) has significantly widened its call for withdrawal of eggs contaminated with toxic insecticide Fipronil, which is banned from food destined for human consumption.

The products affected in the United Kingdom are said to be processed foods that included eggs among other ingredients, mostly used in sandwich fillings or other similar chilled foods.

The World Health Organisation says that it is "moderately hazardous" in large quantities, reports The Telegraph.

Testing of eggs on farms is under way across the United Kingdom and results to date for England and Wales show no exposure to Fipronil.

Yet Dutch poultry farmer Anja Visscher was still eating eggs this morning. "Consumers clearly want retailers and food manufacturers to use good quality British ingredients that are produced to high standards of food safety, but in some prepared foods this is not the case".

Any products identified as being at risk are in the process of being removed from shelves.

This comes after it emerged Belgian authorities took around a month to notify European authorities about the discovery of eggs contaminated with an insecticide, the EU's executive arm has said.

Around 85% of eggs consumed in Britain are laid in the UK.

The eggs come from farms implicated in the use of the insecticide Fipronil, used in veterinary products to treat ticks and fleas.

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