Send your well wishes to the Voyager for its 40th anniversary

James Marshall
August 9, 2017

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Voyager 1, mankind's farthest-reaching spacecraft, NASA invites citizens of Earth to "send via social media a short, uplifting #MessageToVoyager and all that lies beyond it".

Uplifting messages can be posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr.

If you have ever received an inspiring message inside of your 40th birthday card, now is the time to share it with NASA. They can be a maximum of 60 characters long and must also contain the tag #MessageToVoyager.

The winning message will get beamed out to Voyager 1, becoming potentially the first social media message to make its way to be "heard" in interstellar space.

Voyager in Space" delves into the story of Voyager I and Voyager II, the "twin spacecraft - each with less computing power than a cell phone - used to slingshot trajectories to visit Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune. Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm PDT on August 15. Nasa, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Voyager team will select their top picks and will put them to a public vote beginning on 23 August. Its sibling, Voyager 2 (launched 16 days before Voyager 1) is on its way there as well, trudging through the last layers of the solar system created by the heliosphere's final bouts of solar wind pressure. But before that happens, NASA wants ideas for what message to send, and it is turning to social media to collect your suggestions.

The Voyager mission is no stranger to facilitating the spread of human culture to the rest of the outer space. Voyager 1 will continue its journey indefinitely, though, carrying a golden record packed with information in case it does ever come into contact with intelligent life forms again.

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