Spelunky Developer Mossmouth Announces UFO 50

James Marshall
Августа 8, 2017

A five-person team with some of the most talented indie developers have announced UFO 50, a collection of 50 retro-themed 8-bit games created by Derek Yu, Eirik Suhrke, Jon Perry, Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumoto.

News on the matter came from a trailer and a new website going live.

Q. How much will UFO 50 cost? Each game will be "slightly smaller" than an actual 8-bit game from that time period, but Yu and co stress that they're "full games" rather than minigames.

UFO 50's batch of games includes side-scrolling shooters, platformers, puzzle games, dungeon crawlers and sports games. Every game has a single-player mode and "roughly a third of the games will feature either cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes as well".

The creators then went to offer details about their UFO 50 collection. "Completing the entire collection could easily take over a hundred hours". These games were all created in the 1980s by this fictional, obscure, and "ahead of its time" company.

Good news if you and yours have long worn out Sportsfriends' appeal - it's been a few years, so that's understandable - and you're hankering for another collection of unique multiplayer games.

It's radically different to what you might have expected after all this time, but if Spelunky was any indication it's that Yu really understands what makes games and their formulas captivating. More news on other platforms will follow the release of the initial release of the title on PC. Pricing hasn't been set, but the developers say they "want it to be an easy purchase".

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