No, Travis Kalanick Is Not Going To Be Uber's CEO Again

James Marshall
Августа 8, 2017

Kalanick resigned this past June amid troubling times for the company as it faced - facing, still - allegations of workplace sexism, intellectual property theft, and accusations of illegally spying on competitors, among others. In an email, Camp weighed in on multiple reports that Kalanick has been telling people that he is "Steve Jobs-ing it" and will return to the helm of the company, in reference to the deceased Apple co-founder who was once fired but later returned to the firm in the 1990s.

Right now, Uber is in the process of finding a new CEO. Garrett Camp, an Uber co-founder and board member, sought to reassure employees on Monday that the search for a new leader is the board's top priority. "We are committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber".

Uber declined to comment for this story. Kalanick, who still sits on the board, may eventually seek a new role for himself inside Uber to work alongside the next CEO, people familiar with the matter have said.

"Uber must evolve and mature", wrote Camp, who started the company with Kalanick in 2009. Camp said in the email.

The next CEO of the company will have to quickly fill the deputy positions, while also seeking a new independent chairman to replace Mr. We are committed to hiring a new world class CEO to lead Uber. CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., had been on the short list until she publicly removed herself from contention.

Separately, major Uber investor Benchmark Capital on Monday sent a series of tweets apparently meant to alleviate tensions between the venture firm and the ride-hailing company. The common denominator to Uber's problem, at least as several reports put it, was Kalanick's attitude and, more specifically, his approach to dealing with employees or handling his business.

Benchmark, on Twitter, said it is "incredibly optimistic about Uber's future" and that it is "long Uber", while noting it thinks the company's value could exceed $100 billion - compared with about $70 billion now.

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