5 Tips for Applying for Your First Travel Credit Card

Marco Green
August 8, 2017

Have you ever dreamt of winning a free trip to Miami simply by consumption of goods and services? Could you ever imagine that owning a credit card, a person can attain 50% discounts on business class tickets and free nights in top notch residences? It sounds like a dream but with new travel credit cards offerings people with excellent credit rating and a subsistent level of income can get astonishing benefits from the most famous hotels and airlines. And if you still don’t know whether you are one of these people, there are 5 tips which will help you become one of them.

5 Tips to Become a Travel Credit Card Holder:

  1. Don’t forget about your credit score. This is the first number which any lender will consider. If your score stays slightly higher than 650, you will not get access to travel cards with the yummiest benefits. Anyway, even if users have a low borrowing score, it doesn’t tell that they will never become eligible. They can still improve their score with secured credit cards;
  2. Don’t overload yourself with travel cards. Today the number of travel card offerings stays so vast that you may become tempted to apply for numerous products, here you can find a large number of them. Remember that every product borrower's own reduces their score and it is harder for them to attain their activating budget limits;
  3. Keep track of your finances: Nobody wants to owe money to a person who always stays in red. You should always plan your vacation and consumption expenditures and make savings. According to recent CNBC research the average cost of vacation per person is $1900 and if you want to have a good rest and not receive a huge debt, you should have enough savings to pay it in cash;
  4. Estimate the whole amount of your income: If your monthly income exceeds salary you get from a full-time job, you should put this information during your application. The more accurate and transparent your application process remains, the better;
  5. Always be polite: If your application is rejected, try to find out the reason by writing them the letter. It should not be a letter with complaints, it should be a letter to clarify the reasons for rejection. The more polite you are, the higher are your chances to know the true reason.

Use Your Travel Credit Wisely

Remember that card issuers give more preferences to people who use finances wisely. Even though they issue a credit card, they refer those, who avoid appearing in debt and who try to use available money holdings rather than resources of the bank.

Don’t be late with payments and never let your credit resources exceed 30% of your holdings - and you will be a serious client for any travel card issuer.

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