NASA offering six-figure salary for 'Planetary Protection Officer' position

James Marshall
August 4, 2017

However, the job is not easy and comes with a lot of complications which is why NASA is giving away a hefty salary for the post.

Internet had a meltdown once it was made public that NASA is looking for an officer to "fight aliens". But sadly, that's not what exactly NASA meant.

- There's a job opening at NASA and and it sounds like a job for guardians of the galaxy.

The officer will not man a laser turret to protect Earth from aliens or alien contamination, but will keep a watch over NASA's exploration missions.

See, once we start landing on other planets and stuff, the astronauts need to really wipe their feet well to keep from bringing home some killer bug, spore or virus.

In fact, one look at the actual job listing on the United States govt site and one would know it's not so glamorous.

According to the job ad on the NASA website the role will be "concerned with the avoidance of organic-constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration". "This position is assigned to Office of Safety and Mission Assurance for Planetary Protection".

The posting has gone viral after several media outlets, including The Business Insider and The Independent, reported that NASA was hiring someone to defend the earth from aliens.

"This policy is based on federal requirements and worldwide treaties and agreements", it added.

The role fulfills a mandate in the outer space treaty of 1967 governing global space exploration activities.

Catharine Conely, NASA's outgoing PPO, even makes the job seem out of this world.

If you've got professional aspirations that reach into the stars and meet the unique qualifications for this out-of-this-world position, it certainly wouldn't hurt to apply.

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