Jared Kushner offers insight into his approach to Middle East peace process

Elias Hubbard
August 2, 2017

Prior to his White House appointment, Kushner was the CEO of Kushner Companies and the publisher of right-leaning news website the New York Observer, which ran a widely shared story of a recording where Hillary Clinton says the U.S. should have "done something" about the Palestinian elections in 2006 to make sure that Hamas did not win.

Jared Kushner offered some insight Monday into his approach to dealing with the Middle East peace process, according to audio obtained by WIRED magazine.

President Donald Trump's son-in-law told a group of congressional interns that the Trump campaign couldn't have colluded with Russian Federation because the team was too dysfunctional and disorganized to coordinate with a foreign government, Foreign Policy reports.

Kushner's comments sound like a stunning admission that his father-in-law is too incompetent to run a campaign, much less a country, but Foreign Policy notes that "a defense claiming chaos and confusion might be the key difference between criminal behavior and incompetence". Emails released last month showed Donald Trump Jr. accepted the meeting at Trump Tower with the idea that he would receive damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

"We don't know where it's going", he said, when asked about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russian Federation.

President Trump has said that "most people would have taken that meeting", which he described as "opposition research". The organizers of the event initially asked the interns to write down their questions and Kushner would randomly select them to answer. "There are 127 pages on the SF-86, but there are only two you guys have to worry about", he said. The worker, Aya Hijazi, was freed when President Trump publicly embraced autocratic President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Kushner added that he didn't keep tabs on his travels to foreign countries or his contact with foreign officials because he did not expect to get into the world of politics.

Kushner said they made a "great deal" with Sisi, who had "basically destroyed the Muslim Brotherhood", by taking him aside and asking for a better arrangement.

Retired general, John Kelly is now in charge at the White House.

The audio was promptly leaked to the media from someone present. "I don't know", President Trump's son-in-law said in the speech on Monday, which was leaked despite a stern warning from an administration staffer not to spill the beans.

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