DARK TOWER TV Series Still In The Works

Lawrence Kim
August 2, 2017

"The Dark Tower" hits theaters on Friday, August 4.

Latest reports reaching us states that The Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel quarreled with the producers of the film over the finishing cut of the fictional movie, and was nearly changed during the post-production course.

U.S. author Stephen King played a key role in translating his book series "The Dark Tower" into a Hollywood film, director Nikolaj Arcel said at the film's premiere on Tuesday. In 2015, the team began to move forward with the project, getting Nikolaj Arcel on board to direct. The execs' concerns seemed to be borne out when test audiences reacted negatively to Arcel's cut, becoming confused by the film's labyrinthine mythology. It is reported that the executives were so unhappy with Arcel's cut that they deliberated eliminating him from the movie and bringing in a different director to cut his footage all over again. As part of their agreement, the companies split the cost of the film, with MRC given "kill rights" to anything they didn't like, be it in the marketing or the final cut. With Stephen King retaining veto approval on almost every aspect of the film in exchange for the rights to the material, an insider described the situation as a case of "too many cooks in the kitchen". Rothman reportedly spent hours in the editing bay giving advice on the recut, while Howard, who remained on board as a producer, gave advice on music and producer Akiva Goldsman helped with the edit.

"On a film with two studios and powerful producers, obviously there is much passionate creative debate on how to work certain ideas or beats. If someone had jumped into my editing room and taken over, I would have left instantly".

'We shot this on time and on budget. We didn't go over our schedule by even a day.

Matthew McConaughey was shocked to learn of the death of Sam Shepard and paid tribute to the late actor and playwright on the red carpet for The Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower is a soaring story between King fans, and making those ardent followers contented must be vital in the eyes of MRC, Arcel, and Sony, particularly if they have plans for more sequels or follow-up for the film.

While fans may be concerned over the claims of a troubled production process, the film is reportedly tracking to open in the mid-$20 million range and Stephen King responded to the film by praising Arcel in an email that read, "You have remembered the faces of your father". "See you in the next one, Sam".

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