Jordan soldier gets life for killing USA troops

Elias Hubbard
July 17, 2017

A Jordanian military court on Monday slapped a soldier, who had killed three American trainers past year, with a life sentence.

The three US Army Green Berets were killed on November 4, as their convoy came under fire while they were entering an air base south of the country.

Relatives of the soldiers asked why the judge decided not to show security camera footage of the shooting in court and chose not to put a surviving USA soldier on the stand, despite his willingness to testify.

In its ruling, the court said the incident had happened when vehicles carrying the trainers approached the gate of the base. Officials then withdrew the claims under pressure from Washington, which maintained that terrorism could be an issue.

Some of the relatives have questioned why the video was not screened during the trial and why the court did not ask a surviving US soldier to testify, despite what they said was his willingness to do so.

Jordan is a member of the US -led military coalition fighting ISIS.

Jordanian authorities initially claimed the USA nationals had been killed when their vehicle failed to stop.

Tawaiha, who was in a guard post at the gate, told the court he had opened fire on the cars carrying the American trainers because he suspected an attack on the base. Other guards said they held their fire because they couldn't determine the source of the sound.

The court said he "fired a full magazine of ammunition. intending to kill them after it was clear to him who they were and that they were American personnel". They said the footage showed that the shooting lasted six minutes and that the video shows the defendant reloading his weapon and continuing to shoot as the USA service members waived their hands and yelled: "We're Americans!"

Her father, Jim, and McEnroe's father, Brian, previously said they had more faith in Jordan's legal system after attending the trial but that questions remain.

They have said the video shows the defendant reloading and shooting at Americans who were waving their hands and yelling: "We're Americans!"

"People from our tribe, especially Marik, know nothing but the military, King Abdullah and God", said Sayel Abu Tayeh. "Killing three souls is not a game to us".

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