Dog swims into the Long Island Sound to rescue baby deer

Marco Green
July 17, 2017

Fantastic video shows a dog saving a baby deer who was struggling to swim ashore.

Mark Freeley was walking Storm when they spotted the fawn struggling in the water.

Storm, once back on land, guided the fawn away from the water.

A NY man and his dog are being credited for rescuing an exhausted fawn floating in Long Island Sound not just once, but twice.

"And then he started nudging it, and started pulling it to make sure she was going to be OK I guess", Freeley told WCBS.

After the fawn was safely onshore, Storm stood watch of the deer until a representative from Strong Island Animal Rescue and a veterinarian could arrive.

Floridia said it took about eight minutes and a rope to get a hold of her. Two other good Samaritans jumped in and brought the deer back to shore a second time, this time getting it to a rescue group.

"I think it was a great thing for its instincts to kick in, to go out there and rescue it", Floridia said of Storm. "I was exhausted at the point my knee blew out, and I collapsed on the beach", he said. After Frankie recouped for a few mintues, he walked 1 1/4 miles back to the animal rescue vehicle.

"It was weak, covered in ticks, had an eye injury and some abrasions", he said.

The fawn was taken to the Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation.

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