Poroshenko congratulates Macron on Bastille Day

Elias Hubbard
July 16, 2017

Of course, they were all either Russians and their associates or top members of the Trump inner circle.

Trump has departed France after attending the Bastille Day parade with Macron.

Here are six other examples of Trump's most weird handshakes with world leaders to date. This is based on pledges made to the electorate of America prior to Trump being elected.

In his first defense policy speech, Macron said he would not tolerate public dissent from the military after General Pierre de Villiers reportedly told a parliament committee he would not let the government "fuck with" him on spending cuts.

It also doesn't help that Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change. They didn't need an interpreter because Macron speaks English.

At a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels in May, Trump and Macron locked hands for so long that their knuckles started turning white.

"It's not the alpha and the omega of politics, but a moment of truth", he said.

Macron said Washington remains Paris's strategic ally despite strong disagreement over climate change. After the tour, Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Brigitte Macron visited the historic Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoyed a river cruise on the Seine that included views of Notre Dame, the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower, and the French Statue of Liberty. He congratulated French President Emmanuel Macron (eh-mahn-yoo-EHL' mah-KROHN').

This visit, which marks the 100th anniversary of the USA entry into the First World War, was about politics - not personalities.

In the past, Trump has suggested France's liberal migration policies have made Paris a risky place.

Despite the historic "special relationship" between the United States and Britain, Trump has shown little interest in British affairs since his inauguration, further delaying a traditional visit to the country until 2018.

It was a great show of French - and this year also of American - power.

Trump often boasts of his commitment to bolstering America's military.

The two men could be seen talking animatedly as USA and French fighter jets roared overhead. And the health care system needs more cash.

Trump is tweeting shortly before his appearance at the annual Bastille Day parade in Paris.

"Emmanuel Macron wants to try to prevent the president of the United States being isolated", Christophe Castaner, a spokesman for Macron, told French reporters this month.

Trump's pressure comes as a new health care plan released by Republican leaders faces opposition in the Senate.

Why is Donald Trump seemingly unable to execute a handshake like a normal person?

The photo depicts Trump and Macron standing in the center, with Macron's wife Brigitte standing next to the US President and Melania Trump, posing between the French President and the restaurant's chief.

President Donald Trump has saluted as USA troops pass during the French Bastille Day parade commemorating the 100th anniversary of the American entry into World War I.

Tubiana acknowledged there was "nothing revolutionary" in the president's remarks. It's not that I don't fully expect this behavior of Donald Trump-oh, how I do-but I'm glad that I haven't become numb to it, because that's probably the only thing that could be worst than his actions in the first place.

On this visit, Trump even hinted that he might review his stance on the Paris climate agreement, from which he withdrew the USA on June 1. But he made clear it was in the spirit of bluntness with a friend and ally, even offering a conspiratorial wink during a joint news conference.

Despite Trump's staggering unpopularity in France - not to mention the outrage over Macron's decision to invite his American counterpart to this country's signature national holiday - the newly minted French president appeared to make a daring gamble.

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