Man stuck in Texas ATM slips customers 'please help' notes

Marco Green
July 16, 2017

Far from a candid camera-style hoax, the officers were amazed when a little voice came out of the machine, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The contractor was inside the ATM's vault room trying to fix the electronic lock and was trapped by the same lock. He began scribbling notes to the outside world asking for help.

The trapped man was stuck for about two hours, according to CBS New York anchors who could barely contain their laughter (above) while describing the situation.

The contractor got stuck inside the Bank of America ATM at a bank that's being remodeled.

Having left his cell phone in the truck, the man was unable to call for help. The ATM, though, was operational.

The repairman wrote "several" pleas for help to people using the drive-through ATM, but it is unknown how many notes were passed on. "Please call my boss", read one of the notes that slipped out through the receipt slot.

It was around 2pm when the police arrived the spot to rescue the man. Something about the room, though, must have muffled the sound, police said.

Thanks to the note, they knew the number.

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