OpenIV's Liberty City In GTA5 Mod Will Not Be Released

James Marshall
July 6, 2017

As you may have heard, popular Grand Theft Auto V modding tool OpenIV was recently (temporarily) shot down. OpenIV never supported GTA Online modding and will not support it in the future.

The entire GTA series is known for modding, through third party projects players have the liberty to do assorted things in the game, like adding vehicles, new maps, weapons, customization, etc. OpenIV is an in-demand modding tool for Rockstar's latest GTA 5 video game. "Liberty City mod is a big loss for us, since it was a huge part of our motivation to push OpenIV functionality".

"If you are wondering what is next, well, we are now revising our plans for the future.". Finally, OpenIV is back in action, updating through GTA forums, the developer's said they will continue to work on the same, but one of the biggest and highly anticipated Liberty City mod's is chopped off because it completely contradicts Rockstar's modding policy.

The Liberty City in GTA5 project was supposed to put Rockstar's fictional recreation of NY, featured in GTA3 and 4, into GTA5 allowing players to fly between the Los Santos map and GTA4's Liberty City map. The goal was you'd be able to fly between the regular Los Santos map and GTA 4's Liberty City map. Unfortunately OpenIV enables recent malicious mods that allow harassment of players and interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody.

According to Engadget, fan hopes for the mod tool have also been buoyed by statements from Rockstar and Take-Two.

At first, the OpenIV team accepted the cease-and-desist, noting that it would be futile to try and fight back. The relevant bit is where the policy forbids "importation of other IP (including Rockstar IP) in the project".

That's obviously great news for modders, but as mentioned, the not-so-wonderful news is that the major mod Liberty City in GTA V has been binned - a project which, as the name suggests, was going to recreate the city from Grand Theft Auto IV in GTA V. Reading between the lines of its statement, the OpenIV community sounds disheartened by recent developments.

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