United States southwest swelters in one of its hottest summers

Olive Rios
Июня 26, 2017

American Airlines preemptively canceled the flights on Saturday when they found out about the forecast. The extreme heat led the operator of California's power grid to call on people to conserve electricity during peak hours.

While many large planes can cope with these temperatures, the local Fox News station reported that smaller Bombardier CRJs, used by American Airlines for short regional flights, can't operate optimally above 118 degrees.

The cancellations are now affecting shorter, regional flights which use Bombardier CRJ Aircrafts, American Airlines said in a statement Monday. People who did venture out flocked around spray misters, even though the water evaporated fast, the Los Angeles Times reports.

His wife, Amy, said the pool water was so warm that "it was barely refreshing". In addition to power outages, wildfires, general misery and health risks, the temperatures - which reached 119 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday in Phoenix - are leading to flight cancellations. And, when pilots try to land when the air is too thin and hot, they can also run out of runway, McNally said.

All three of those maximum temperatures are specific to the Phoenix airport; aircraft have different maximum operating temperatures depending on a variety of factors, including airport elevation.

Tourists shield themselves from the sun while walking along the Las Vegas Strip on Tuesday.

The reason is that hot air is thinner than cold air and requires more speed in order to provide an airplane enough lift to take off.

The National Weather Service forecasts Phoenix could reach a scorching 120 degrees on Tuesday.

In California, Pacific Gas and Electric said its customers might break an all-time record for electricity use today, especially due to use of air conditioners.

A towel, cap and water bottle can't relieve the sweaty discomfort of record temperatures for this Las Vegas Airport worker.

Flights scheduled for the same time on Wednesday and Thursday will also be rescheduled, the company said.

According to a statement released by the airline, larger aircraft that fly out of Phoenix, such as Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, will be operating normally as they have operating temperatures at 126 degrees and 127 degrees, respectively.

"These are exceedingly rare temperatures", Mr Mann said. "It gets to a point for some aircraft that it gets just too much", he said.

Being one of the places with the highest temperature every summer, Arizona always has some heat-related memes on social media, some of which are classic. Dr. Kevin Foster warned people to be extra careful around concrete, auto interiors and playground equipment, especially young children who have sensitive skin.

The main burn centre in Phoenix warned people to be careful around auto interiors and pavement and with their pets.

Shelby Barnes, 48, picked up three sets of the booties for her dogs.

"It's important that people continue to keep up their activities of helping to mitigate the heat in whatever aspect - whatever works for them", he said.

Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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