Star Trek: Discovery will break one of Gene Roddenberry's big rules

Joanna Estrada
June 27, 2017

First up was a costumed Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca, who will be leading one of the two ships that will be prominently featured in the show, USS Discover. When we meet her, she's the First Officer on the Starship Shenzhou [captained by Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh].

When Gene Roddenberry dreamed up the series Star Trek over 50 years ago, it was with a very specific, very Utopian vision for the future.

Previous iterations of Star Trek have centered around the captain, Discovery-as we've discussed previously-will focus on Martin-Green's character, Michael Burnham.

"We're trying to do stories that are complicated, with characters with strong points of view and strong passions". The first episode will debut on CBS before pivoting to the network's streaming service, CBS All Access, for the rest of the series.

But here's some new intel the duo are ready to reveal about the series, which stars Sonequa Martin-Green as a Starfleet First Officer who was the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. "I feel like we're taking another step forward, which I think all stories should do". And this time, we've got the pictures to prove it.

"There's a hint of all of them, but in the writers' room people are so in love with The Original Series and Next Generation, and they talk about the family aspect of those cast members."

The outlet also adds that the Klingons will be be "heavily involved" in the series and will be antagonistic towards our heroes. His storytelling is complex and intellectual and yet there's a lot of room for character voices and character work, he's done such an incredible job with the franchise. Apart from veering off this cardinal rule, "Star Trek: Discovery" will also follow a serialized format with a season-long arc. But when the first-look trailer for "Discovery" was revealed in May, racists quickly sounded off on YouTube.

Despite being a show about navigating through space and bringing together different species and races from across the galaxy, some "fans" have bemoaned the inclusion of its first black female lead and the diverse cast in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

With time ticking down to the premiere of "Star Trek: Discovery" on #Cbs All Access, a veritable flow of information has begun to come out in order to familiarize potential audiences with the setting and characters of the show.

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