Senate Republicans to Issue Revised Health Care Bill

Elias Hubbard
June 26, 2017

President Donald Trump and White House officials made the Sunday talk show rounds looking to build support for the Senate Republican health care bill that has faced criticism from Democrats and several Republicans since it was unveiled last Thursday. I don't have the feedback from constituencies who will not have had enough time to view the Senate bill. We don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of Obamacare.I don't think they're that far off.

"Health care is a very, very tough thing to get". Every single Senate Democrat is planning to oppose the GOP Senate bill, including ten Senate Democrats up for reelection next year in states won by President Trump. McConnell has wanted to hold the vote before the upcoming week-long July 4 recess, when party leaders worry that senators will face pressure to abandon the legislation. Moreover, the Senate bill also outlines a plan to, beginning in 2025, tie federal funding for Medicaid to the nation's regular, or normal, rate of inflation rather than to the health care inflation rate, which is often much higher.

With not a single Democrat supporting the bill, Republicans face some legislative arm-twisting to rally their rank and file.

Asked to respond to Conway's comments, Collins said: "I respectfully disagree with her analysis".

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, now in the center of a national debate about a U.S. Senate bill to remake the American health care system, on Sunday urged fellow Senate Republicans to slow the blistering pace at which some want to reach a vote on the measure.

House of Representatives minority leader Nancy Pelosi told CBS This Morning on Monday: "We do know that many more people - millions, hundreds of thousands - of people will die if this bill passes".

"The working poor, disabled and elderly appear to shoulder the burden in this latest version of Congress' health care rewrite", Edwards said.

"It would be so great if the Democrats and Republicans could get together and wrap their arms around it, and come up with something that everyone is happy with", Trump said. They fight each other.

And a number of Republican governors have joined doctors, hospitals, and patient advocacy groups in opposing the bill, in part because of its cuts to Medicaid.

She also pushed back on the White House's line that the bill would not result in Medicaid cuts.

He has considerable firepower to win votes, by guaranteeing amendments that would address the concerns of individual Republican senators and playing on their loyalty to him and their fealty to conservative voters still demanding an end to the Affordable Care Act.

She cited the dramatic cuts the bill would impose on Medicaid.

Louisiana's senators haven't taken a public position on the Senate proposal.

The legislation would phase out extra federal money that 31 states receive for expanding Medicaid to additional low-income earners.

"We're very confident that the Senate bill will get through", Conway said.

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