Watch Buckeyes fan mow 'scripted Ohio' in MI fan's lawn

Ruben Hill
Июня 24, 2017

An Ohio State fan proved that this rivalry will basically never die, by mowing the famous script Ohio into his neighbor's lawn, who apparently is an out-of-town MI fan.

The harmless prank is just the latest to make headlines in the decades long rivalry between Ohio State and MI.

One fan is taking the rivalry to a new level and chose to film every moment of him owning his neighbor.

Apparently, Higgins' neighbor asked him to watch his lawn for the week while he went away on vacation. Ty took advantage of his neighbor while they were out-of-town.

"My neighbor is a big *ichigan fan". He is out of town this week and asked me to watch over his place.

Higgins made a decision to give the neighbor's yard a little bit of a Buckeye spruce-up.

So he got creative and used his lawn mower to spell out the "Script Ohio" the Buckeyes' marching band forms on the football field. Higgins then dots the i with a weed wacker.

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