American Warplane Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syria

Henrietta Strickland
June 24, 2017

The Pentagon said the incident took place near a combat post in A-Tanf where us and coalition "advisers" are stationed in a support capacity to provide services to forces battling the Islamic State terrorist organization.

The F-15 intercepted the drone and shot it down after the unmanned aircraft failed to divert its course, the statement added.

It also comes after an American warplane shot down a Syrian government jet on Sunday in northern Syria as it "dropped bombs" near the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed alliance fighting ISIL. OIR described the area as an "established combat outpost".

Afterwards, the Russians said they would consider any aircraft flying in Syria near the Euphrates River valley to be hostile and at risk of being fired on.

Binskin said the jet fighters had been occupied recently supporting Iraqi security forces in retaking the city of Mosul, so the suspension had little effect on their operations.

Immediately after the Syrian Su-22 fighter jet dropped its bombs, two American F/A-18E Super Hornets, flying from the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier, engaged, firing a AIM-9 Sidewinder - a short-range air-to-air missile - at the Syrian plane from about half a mile away, two United States officials told CNN. This effort to work with partners, however, doesn't mean that the US won't down Syrian aircraft if necessary.

Earlier, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said officials are trying to re-establish the communications link to prevent potentially deadly accidents, and that the de-confliction efforts have worked well in the past.

Lavrov said that the hotline has been efficient in the past, noting that "it's quite crowded both on the ground and in the air". Russian Federation condemned the US action and in retaliation suspended a hotline meant to prevent such incidents.

It comes days after a USA warplane shot down a Syrian government fighter jet in the north of the country, prompting a furious reaction from Russian Federation.

Following Sunday's incident, Russia threatened that USA -led coalition aircraft will be "followed by Russian ground-based air defense and air defense aircraft as air targets" if they are operating in Syrian airspace west of the Euphrates River while while Russia is on combat missions.

Following that incident, coalition aircraft observed the Cold War-era Su-22 fighter fly over the SDF positions.

Australia will soon resume airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria after a temporary suspension due to threats against USA and coalition missions from Russian Federation.

Still, the Pentagon said it had not seen hostile action from Moscow. "We continue to operate, making some adjustments for prudent measures", he said.

US Central Command says he was killed by an air strike on 31 May in the eastern town of Mayadin.

"The coalition presence in Syria addresses the imminent threat ISIS in Syria poses globally".

Earlier this month, the US shot down another pro-regime drone in the same area after it dropped munitions near coalition forces.

Tuesday's statement from the worldwide coalition stressed that the global effort remained focused on ISIS but said that coalition forces had the right to self-defense.

"The coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria", the military reiterated in its statement after Sunday's jet downing.

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