Microsoft's Albert Penello on Xbox One's "post-X" future

Joanna Estrada
June 19, 2017

So when the Xbox One X was announced, most figured they'd learned their lesson. Packing substantially more power than the PS4 Pro, the One X aspires to deliver native 4K resolution in all its games. Formerly codenamed "Project Scorpio", the console's true name is the Xbox One X.

If you were planning on getting Forza on your new Xbox One X or 4K PC system, you still have time to upgrade that lovely Solid State you just put in with a honking game holder. If you're a console gamer, the Xbox One X is the place to be. Maybe you wait a few weeks (if that's possible) or until after the console arrives on shelves in November.

The publication site notes that head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, explained there are two main reasons why the original Xbox compatibility program won't support as many games as the current Xbox 360 program. In a matter of years, people may be able to play realistic games and plunge into a realistic world.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Original Xbox games will be playable as backwards compatible titles later this year.

The Xbox One X is part of a new, mobile-phone style paradigm for Microsoft's console ecosystem, Penello said. The XBOX One X offers an impressive 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM along which offer a 326 GB/s bandwidth.

It is also the smallest Xbox yet.

But Penello also argues that having PC-style power tiers for consoles doesn't mean games targeting the One X will be held back by the existence of lower-powered alternatives.

"Developers are completely incentivised to give you the best experience they can".

Another issue is the amount of time it takes to make a game of that era work on a modern system. As Atari is a worldwide popular brand and they have built some of the most innovative and desired video game consoles of their time.

At this year's E3, Microsoft finally revealed the newest version of their Xbox One. The framerate is still variable from game to game, but the prospect of a console running games at that truly is a testament to the fact that we've moved into the future. You can go with Xbox One S, which costs $249 to $299 and enjoy over a hundred games in 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

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