Microsoft won't be making any money on the Xbox One X

Joanna Estrada
June 19, 2017

You can choose from a number of different titles without having to splash the cash, and it is a service which seems to be very budget friendly.

Microsoft is set to release a new small gaming console, the Xbox One X will go on sale in Australia It's expected to cost around $699 which is more than Sony's high-end PlayStation 4 Pro.

This comes on the back of several analysts saying that the Xbox One X's price point of $649 AUD is too much.

"We have the 4K blu-ray drive inside the S console".

In an interview with PC Gamer, he answered in one word whether he wanted to see emulation on the PC, simply "Yes".

On June 11 Microsoft revealed in E3 2017 that Xbox One X will cost $499 United States dollars. Out of these 42, 22 were exclusives for the Xbox One, or to the Xbox One and Windows 10.

If you compare the specifications of the two, the Xbox One X does have an edge over its rival.

Spencer's comment does make sense in the perspective that the Xbox One X offers specifications that Sony can't now rival.

The promise of 4k experience on the gaming console is being kept with the help of the feature which the company calls "supersampling" which enables users to experience 4k without a 4k TV.

He also said - from a technical point of view - it is more hard to pull off.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Xbox One S struggles to maintain 1080p and runs more of its titles on 900p.

There are no new features on Xbox One X, just better load times, image quality, and processing power. There will also be a reissue of the "Duke" controller, for those of you who haven't had the "pleasure" of using the first ever Xbox controller. Eliminating the need to keep your old Xboxes is nice and all, but there's absolutely no need to get the new one as of right now.

Phil Spencer has revealed that Microsoft won't be making any money on the Xbox One X hardware.

Do you think PS4 Pro is a Xbox One competitor?

Each looked, sounded and played great, but the truth is that most people won't see these benefits, unless their hardware is already 4K ready. Scorpio was also a cooler name than Xbox One X and probably would've helped sales.

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