Cosby Jury Asks Questions

Lawrence Kim
June 19, 2017

They will return Saturday morning for the sixth day of deliberations.

Cosby's spokesman maintained the impasse showed that jurors doubted Constand's story.

"We would like to hear Gianna Constand's testimony, the point where she says I didn't even know about it", the jury foreperson wrote in note, which was was not timestamped. After a lunch break, jurors were expected to review testimony from Constand and her mother about phone conversations they had with Cosby after the alleged assault.

Constand testified that after she took the pills from Cosby her vision began to blur, she slurred her words and she "wasn't able to fight in any way" as Cosby groped her breasts and touched her genitals. He adds "tonight, just rest". Cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting Constand at his home outside Philadelphia in 2004. He says they were lovers and the encounter was consensual. They have been working for more than 40 hours since getting the case on Monday. The defence said the jury had struggled with the charges long enough, twice asking for a mistrial Friday. It was the sixth request for a mistrial made by McMonagle. Lawyer Brian McMonagle also anxious that some jurors might compromise "their views and their values" for the sake of reaching a unanimous decision. The judge directed them to keep talking and as Thursday evening fell, the panel of seven men and five women were still at it.

Count 2 alleges she was unconscious or semi-conscious at the time and could not give consent. "And they're hearing Mr. C.'s testimony, and he's extremely truthful".

The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault case returned to court Friday for the fifth straight day of deliberations, and was told by the judge to deliberate as long as needed. "If they don't have a verdict by now, we'd hope the judge would relieve them".

In striking down McMonagle's latest request, the judge noted that Cosby publicist Andrew Wyatt has been giving his own explanations to media about deadlocks and mistrials.

A woman heckled Cosby shouting "shame on you" as he walked into the building while supporters of the actor told her to "shut up" and welcomed him with his "hey, hey, hey" catchphrase from his 1970s and '80s "Fat Albert" cartoon. Cosby said he used to give the once-popular sedative and party drug to women with whom he wanted to have sex.

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004.

During his interview with law enforcement, Cosby said that he gave Benadryl to Constand.

"When you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?"

That civil suit was settled in 2006, and the Cosby deposition was sealed until 2015. But he says he no longer had them when he met accuser Andrea Constand in 2002 at Temple University. When asked if he told Constand what the pills - which the comic referred to as "friends" - were, Cosby answered "No". Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, right, Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kristen, center, and Bill Cosby's defense attorney Angela Agrusa enter the courtroom during jury deliberat.

For the third time today, court was called back into session during deliberations of the Bill Cosby trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse outside of Philadelphia. Deliberations will resume this afternoon.

The panel also asked to rehear parts of the 79-year-old comedian's deposition testimony.

The case was reopened in 2015 after a federal judge unsealed Cosby's deposition testimony taken in a lawsuit brought against him by Constand.

Jurors asked eight questions during their deliberations, largely to rehear testimony. He maintains that their sexual encounter was consensual.

As jurors broke for the night, he praised them for their "hard work, dedication, fidelity to your oath". She got the show tickets because her family loved Cosby, and she hadn't yet told them about the alleged assault.

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