Bill Cosby's Accuser Takes The Stand In Sexual Assault Trial

Lawrence Kim
June 19, 2017

Most times it's not violent.

Cosby's lawyers argued Veronique Valliere's testimony on Friday included observations that seemed tailored to Cosby's case. Although Valliere admitted to writing them, the judge ultimately refused the request for a dismissal. Up to this point, Cosby's team had been quite clear that he would not be taking the stand. Alternative to a mistrial declaration, McMonagle asked that the judge to strike the testimony or issue a cautionary instruction to the jury.

"This is your argument and I understand your argument". "But my apology was, 'My God, I'm in trouble with these people because this is an old man and their young daughter.'". "However, it is this court's opinion that the testimony so far is not violating the statute".

At one point on Friday, Cosby and others in the courtroom broke into laughter as a Pennsylvania detective struggled to pronounce the name of a medication that'd been tested in the case. Andrea Constand is just one of dozens of women who have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault in incidents allegedly going back decades. How do I know what these people are talking about. Depositions in the civil case were later utilized as part of the criminal case built against the comedian and actor. For the jury at his sexual assault trial, this could be the closest it comes to hearing from Cosby himself, since he said recently that he did not intend to take the stand.

Cosby is on trial for allegedly drugging and molesting a woman at his home near Philadelphia in 2004.

Cosby smiled as he walked out of court at the end of the day, raising his wooden cane to salute well-wishers who yelled, "We love you, Bill Cosby!" and "Hey, hey, hey!", the catchphrase from his "Fat Albert" TV show.

He said Constand was on the phone too and he tried to get her to tell her mom "about the orgasm". She also told police that she had a boyfriend in her teens and sexual contact with a male in her late 20s.

The testimony came after both sides tussled over whether the defense should be allowed to introduce evidence that Constand is gay. Sometimes, this is a factor in the shame felt by victims. The DA's office's response to that? Defendant puts a new twist on an old argument: "that because Ms. Constand did not reveal this most personal detail about her life she must have been asking for defendant to drug and sexually assault her".

"Yes", he answered, though he denied ever doing so without their knowledge and said the sexual encounters were consensual. Prosecutors have suggested he gave her something stronger - perhaps quaaludes, a highly popular party drug in the 1970s that was banned in the 1982.

Prosecutors on Friday are expected to continue presenting jurors with portions of Cosby's deposition, including his admission that he gave the sedative Quaalude to young women.

Cosby replied: "Dead." The final government witness, toxicologist Timothy Rohrig, said the drowsiness and sedation Constand described in her testimony after accepting three blue pills from Cosby in 2004 could have been caused by a drug similar to Quaaludes - or by Benadryl, the over-the-counter allergy medicine Cosby has maintained he gave to Constand that night.

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