Wonder Woman Review Roundup: Gal Gadot Wins Over the Critics

Lawrence Kim
June 12, 2017

After films that weren't well received like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad", fans wasn't expecting much from DC's latest film "Wonder Woman", but the film managed to surprise critics and audiences alike. Iron Man was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the success of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight showed the world that these characters need to be taken seriously.

"It's definitely something I'm very, very, very interested in".

If you are heading out to the theater this weekend, you are probably wondering whether or not you should wait around for a potential post-credit scene, which have been featured in most #superhero films. Definitely, it's the plan. Meanwhile, it is still uncertain whether "Wonder Woman" will have a sequel.

"#GalGodot will glue you to the screen and at the same time make you want to run to the nearest costume shop to get your W on and join the #GODESSNESS right away (W = #WomanWarriorOfTheWorld)".

So what is the truth? Producer Charles Roven represented Warner Bros on this matter, and explained to CinemaBlend why they chose to not include a post-credit scene. Maybe Diana regales Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and others with her tale of what she did about Hitler or something. It is clear the Amazonian is going to smash the theaters before her reign is through, now will the rest of the DCEU films live up to the new bar she's setting is the question. Unfortunately, "Wonder Woman" does not have an end-credits scene. The first movie hasn't even been open for a week (as of this article's publication), so there isn't even a guarantee it will happen yet.

There is no confirmation yet whether there will be a "Wonder Woman 2".

Nothing has been written.

Jenkins revealed that if "Wonder Woman" continues, she plans to make Princess Diana an "international superhero", and plans to be the one to "bring her to America". And we're really happy about that! Let us know with your ranking in the Movie Database below!

There you have it, were you as impressed by WONDER WOMAN as we were?

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