Cullerton: Republicans Can Solve Budget Impasse

Olive Rios
June 6, 2017

Lawmakers still have not agreed on a budget. Now it will take a three-fifths majority to pass a budget instead of a simple majority. An adjournment resolution would typically name the specific date on which legislators are scheduled to return to the Capitol. If not, 911 centers across the state may not get the money they need to stay in business. Harris would not discuss the reactions of House Democrats during previous meetings on the budget.

In other words, they're more concerned about politics and their re-election chances than actually helping the vulnerable they claim to represent.

Or go it alone, as the Senate ended up doing. "We're going to make their jobs just as hard as they're making our lives". He said he never got a reply.

Brian Mackey reports on how Illinois Democrats and Republicans reacted to their failure to enact a budget by the May 31 end-of-session deadline.

Attempted votes, false starts and finger-pointing ate up much of the spring. That means it prevents federal authorities from stopping, questioning or detaining immigrants unless they have a valid federal warrant.

Rep. David Welter (R-Morris) also voiced major concerns over majority party's disregard for the state's fiscal health. The state's minimum wage is $8.25 per hour at this time.

Gov. Rauner hasn't said what he'll do. Opponents say it's tough on businesses, especially small ones.

Adding to the mess is a ballooning backlog of unpaid bills to state contractors and vendors that's reached about $14.5 billion and roughly $130 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. "Instead, the majority in the General Assembly passed phony bills trying to manage phony headlines rather than solve the real problems facing the people of IL".

"Walking 200 miles is not something I ever thought I'd do", said 24-year-old Samantha Nichols of Chicago, a pastor-in-training. Without one, the possibility exists that school districts statewide may have to decide whether or not they can open at the end of summer vacation - a deal struck last year to fund K-12 education through the 2017 school year expires next month. Madigan issued statements on Wednesday regarding the State budget, local government consolidation measure, Workers' Compensation reforms.

The state has been operating without one since July of 2015, that's almost two years.

Sponsors, along with a wide network of education advocates and school associations, say the proposal would help ensure all students in IL receive a quality education regardless of where they live.

Kelly said it's to the point now where it is definitely impacting kids.

The GOP has labeled every proposed change to the funding formula as a bailout for Chicago Public Schools.

The legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday. Thirty-one of those protesters remained and were subsequently arrested in connection with trespassing to State Supported Property, a misdemeanor.

Officers located the girl, who prosecutors identified as Eliza Wasni, behind a building near the crime scene in possession of two weapons they believe she used in the stabbing, Lincolnwood police said.

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