GOP legislative agenda incomplete, lags as Congress returns

Olive Rios
June 5, 2017

That's right, for all you math majors the Democrats don't have majorities in either House, and yet Trump's agenda still stands stalled.

It is less simple on Capitol Hill, where political novice Trump has endured a rough education in Washington dealmaking since taking office in January.

The latest attempt to dismantle Gov. Sam Brownback's tax cuts has been paired with a new school finance formula the Kansas Supreme Court has demanded from state lawmakers.

Lawmakers return to Washington on Monday under pressure to advance Trump's agenda, notably bills to repeal and replace Barack Obama's health care reforms and overhaul U.S. tax law. And I just read this stuff and I shake my head.

But coming to consensus on a measure to overhaul the health care system could now become an even harder task.

A revised Obamacare repeal bill passed the House in May, and Senate Republicans are crafting their own version. It's not yet clear what the Senate will propose doing.

"So the Republican Party, which is ostensibly the party of the president - and they owe their majority to him, particularly the Senate - are roadblocking Donald Trump more than the Democrats are, because the Democrats can not". No tax relief is offered for the middle class in the Republican bill.

Amid all this, Trump and his fellow Republicans in Congress hope the new work session, following a week-long Memorial Day break, will be a chance to "reset" the conversation in Washington that has centered on Russian Federation and their failures so far on healthcare and tax legislation. Even if the filibuster disappeared tomorrow, the health care bill as it's written would fail in the Senate, and not because it lacks Democratic support-but because it lacks Republican support.

House Minority Leader Jim Ward, a Wichita Democrat, said the combination of items in such a deal would set bad precedent.

Darrell Issa, like most of his fellow House Republicans, voted for the disastrous bill to repeal Obamacare and force 23 million people to lose their health coverage. "It doesn't exist!" Pelosi exclaimed Friday.

The final tax reform plan will cost an estimated $3.25 trillion to $3.75 trillion, according to Cohn.

Thursday is the last day for the House and Senate to act on bills that originated in the opposite chamber.

Looming over everything is the investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and connections with the Trump campaign. But at some point, congressional Republican need to face up to the issues.

Complicating the schedule, Congress must formulate a budget and vote on a spending bill before the fiscal year ends September 30.

Some Republicans oppose allowing government to borrow more money without commitments to reduce overall federal spending. "No one can be denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions", she says on the stump. And then he would add, "Plus, as long as Obama's still in the White House, all this is academic anyway". Suppose he would go into the district of the head traitor, Democrat Jeff Klein, and tell them that the Democrat they thought they were electing was really a secret Republican who, if you follow the thread, was enabling the "Party of Trump".

Putting aside the fact that Democrats never did abandon the legislative filibuster, it's hard to think of a term that applies less to the Senate and the role it is designed to play than fast and easy, especially because the Founding Fathers created the Senate for the sole goal of making sure that writing the laws for a large, diverse country would be the exact opposite of fast and easy.

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