Putin says US hackers could have framed Russia in election hack

Olive Rios
June 4, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin headed the 18th India-Russia annual bilateral summit that got underway here on Thursday. "Because as long as there are none, as long as the rule of the strongest, the fist law, is being implemented, we will encounter problems that we are now witnessing in North Korea", Putin said during a SPIEF-2017 session. The goal is, Putin said, is to "establish an atmosphere that is going to prevent us from addressing common issues, say with regard to terrorism".

Putin repeated calls for bolstering the country's business climate and cleaning up the judiciary, but critics say the Kremlin leader has failed to make good in the past on pledges to make serious changes.

Putin joked that while it's still chilly and rainy in Russia, Trump and American imperialism could now be blamed for global warming. "The Jews are blamed for everything", he added.

He said that reports of the hacking having been carried out from Russian IP addresses were not true.

The allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election were "harmful chatter" detrimental to worldwide relations, security and the fight against terrorism, he said.

He went on to say that Trump was able to win thanks to his skills, not Russian interference.

"This is an attempt to resolve domestic political issues by using foreign policy instruments", he said.

"The problem isn't us, the problem is inside United States politics", Putin added.

"The other (Clinton) team miscalculated".

Putin further ridiculed persisting USA focus on the Russian ambassador's contacts with members of Trump's campaign team, insisting that the envoy was merely doing his job.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?"

Putin said that economic restrictions against Russian Federation have had "zero effect", predicting that the current strain in relations will ease, because "it's counterproductive and harmful for all". In her video preview, Kelly said she also asked Putin if he had "something damaging" on Trump. We didn't even come close to that.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has chided Americand over continued claims of a Russian deal with US President Donald Trump.

The Russian president also accused the USA and its allies of seeking to monopolize power and prevent the emergence of a multi-polar world by countering his country's efforts to assert itself on the global stage.

Trump, during the campaign, repeatedly denied Russian Federation was trying to tip the scales in his favor.

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