European gov'ts condemn United States withdrawal from Paris agreement

Elias Hubbard
June 5, 2017

"We make clear that if we want to limit warming to 2 °C, we need to do more and we need continued effort past 2030", said Erwan Monier, co-author of the study and principal research scientist at the university's department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences. She said he believes in clean air and water and a clean environment.Pressed, on Trump's view, she said: "You should ask him that".

The World Meteorological Organization sought to quantify Trump's decision, estimating that USA withdrawal from the emissions-cutting accord could add 0.3°C to global temperatures by the end of the century in a worst-case scenario.

Christy Goldfuss, former managing director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality under President Obama.

During a White House news conference, Trump outlined his reasons for leaving the agreement.

"Undoubtedly the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement is regrettable - after all, the United States is the second biggest polluter in the world", Pomerants told BNS on Friday.

"The reality is the whole world needs to be involved in fighting climate change", she said.

"Climate change is one of the major issues of our time".

Plank is one of several CEOs to speak out against Trump's decision.

"President Trump can turn his back on the world, but the world cannot ignore the very real threat of climate change.

We call on President Trump to reconsider his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, and for Congress, state and local governments, USA companies, physicians, hospitals, and others to do everything in their power to ensure that this country meets its obligations".

Moreover, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday he did not consider necessary to judge US President Donald Trump for withdrawing the country from the Paris climate change agreement.

The fund was set up to help developing countries and those at high risk of global warming-induced disasters to move away from fossil fuel and shore up their defences against climate impacts.

Republican politicians and representatives of the coal industry cheered Trump's action.

Brussels and Beijing believe in "the full implementation, without nuances, of the Paris climate agreement", Juncker said, and underlined that there can be "no backsliding".

So far, 147 parties representing more than 82 percent of greenhouse gas emissions have ratified the agreement.

"We are deeply disappointed by the recent shift in climate policy". There are many other examples.

He said that participating would undermine the U.S. economy, wipe out USA jobs, weaken United States national sovereignty and put the country at a permanent disadvantage to other countries.

Brown is about to begin a trip to China to discuss emissions-reduction policies with other leaders and has promised to fill the void left by the Trump administration.

Putin said Russian Federation had agreed to cut its own emissions to 70 percent of what they were in 1990, but had not yet ratified the Paris pact because it was waiting for certain technical but important aspects of how the deal would be implemented to be worked out.

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