Aetna in negotiations with 'several' states to relocate headquarters

Marco Green
June 4, 2017

Aetna has been in Hartford for 164 years.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin says based on "mulitiple conversations with Aetna's senior leadership", it's clear the city icon is fixing to relocate out of CT. Bertolini says Aetna wants to broaden its access to "innovation and talent that will fill knowledge economy-type positions".

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said in a news briefing on Wednesday that the state is prepared to match "every incentive offered by as competing state".

Both Aetna and Mayor Bronin said the company would not entirely pull out of Hartford and continue to employ several thousand employees in the city.

"There's a long term history in this building of not sufficiently caring about our employers and that needs to change".

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said "losing Aetna's flag" would be a blow to the state and greater Hartford.

Aetna's exit would also be a major setback for the city of Hartford, a community of about 125,000 residents that is also struggling with a fiscal crisis.

The company announced earlier this month that it will leave the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchanges for next year after absorbing steep losses.

And just before that, a columnist for the Boston Globe wrote an open letter to Aetna executives talking about why Boston is the best place for the company's headquarters.

TJ Crawford, an Aetna spokesman, added: "We remain committed to our Connecticut-based employees and the Hartford campus, and hope to have a final resolution by early summer".

"We don't know exactly what this may be, how many jobs may be reduced, if they're going to reduce their footprint in Hartford, which could result in their tax payment to the city of Hartford", T.J. Clarke said.

Bronin's concession: Aetna decided a long time ago to relocate out of CT. "The asset base here is very strong", Griebel said.

Asked if he is resigned to seeing Aetna's headquarters move out, he said: "Given the coverage you all are reporting that's probably a safe assumption". We have the most insurance jobs, the most actuaries.

While Hartford has struggled financially, it remains the center of the state's insurance industry. The average wage for almost 59,000 insurance carrier jobs is more than $83,936, according to 2016 state industry report.

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