'Empire' Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Lucious, Cookie Rekindle Relationship

Lawrence Kim
May 26, 2017

In early 2017, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Empire was renewed for its fourth season, which will have 18 episodes.

At Leviticus Las Vegas, Charlotte promises Guisi and Lucious that Empire no longer will be allowed to come back to the Strip if there's any "ruckus" on the night of Inferno.

Empire returns this fall on Fox.

"Empire" season 3 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on FOX.

Lucious and Giuliana arrive to Las Vegas in style. Nurse Claudia is there to help the Lyons through this hard time, but she could not know that Lucious would wake up an amnesiac. His mom gives the phone back to one of Lucious' goons, and looks at Tariq's dead body in the bath tub next to her. She calls Anika (Grace Gealey) to tell her to pick up all her things from the house and that she has her mail waiting for her. Could she win back Jamal, still suffering from PTSD, or Hakeem, who's been dealing with his own issues for most of the season? She tells Hakeem that she is sure Bella is safe, wherever she is. Charlotte rants about Tupac and Suge Knight's brawl at the venue in the 90's. Lucious knows Andre has it in him to take Empire to the next level. But the Empire season 3 finale sneak peek shows us that the old flame between Lucious and Cookie may be reignited.

Empire has managed to enlist probably every last entry on its wish list to be a guest star, from Chris Rock to Mariah Carey to Charlemagne to Remy Ma to Demi Moore. He's going over the deep end worrying about Bella, they reassure him that they have someone looking for her and convince him to come down to Vegas. That family isn't going anywhere, but Anika is. Andre is meeting Xzibit under a series of bridges to discuss murdering Lucious once and for all. (Can you believe he's only 21?) Whatever happens in Empire Season 4, Cookie needs to reclaim her throne as the HBIC, for sure.

As an alternative for Lucious' death, it's possible the season could end or the next could begin with Lucious getting caught by Eva Longoria's Gaming Commissioner - if she regains her conscience, does her job, and shuts them down. Anika is handling the drama a lot better than Hakeem. Hakeem screams that he knew that she was playing him all along. Her only goal was to extort the young woman! Hopefully Season 4 will have her back in a position of power, since Lucious seems set up for a fall. Lucious corrects her, he played her, when he had Giuliana sign the papers at the office, she unknowingly signed the club over to him. He and Cookie get their heart's desire, as do their children. Cookie Panic and immediately warns Shine not to abandon the plan.

Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) busts in on Anika inside the Dubois home, speaking with Diana (Phylicia Rashad). He shows them a picture of him holding the baby. Thanks to Lucious's master plan, Giuliana gets the wake-up call she deserves. He did it all just to see Nia Long's face when he told her off. As for Leah, she sends the police to the hotel where Anika is.

Andre's planning a final piece of the Team Cookie plan that hasn't been run by Cookie. They're back together FINALLY! Now, they are just travelling and enjoying life together. Everything is finally right for Cookie and Lucious.

Lucious gets down on one knee and asks Cookie to see the world with him. They sit down with their sons and tell them that they have news - they have made a decision to step down from the day to day operations at Empire, and it's time for Hakeem, Jamal, and Andre to step up. Lucious gives an impressive speech about how much he loves Andre. But, Shine refuses. He tells Andre that he started it and he's going to finish it.

Lucious's mother really knows how to turn a situation from bad to worse. Just as Cookie kicks her out, Lucious's eyes open.

Three months later - Lucious is in a coma, Cookie and the boys are keeping him company in his hospital room. The doctor comes in gets in to a fight with Cookie.

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