Destiny 2 Runs at 30 FPS on Consoles

Joanna Estrada
Мая 22, 2017

The beta was announced by Bungie during their livestream today, and will give players the chance to go through the first campaign mission, a strike, and be able to walk around the new maps a bit during the time that the beta is open.

According to Geoff Keighley, Destiny 2 is "coming soon to PC", which doesn't necessarily mean that it will be releasing alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version on September 8th.

Bungie and Activision revealed earlier today that the game will also run on Blizzard's platform, a decision that will help get Destiny 2 in the hands on PC players faster, Blizzard said. Trails, raids, and nightfall will be available to all players through something brand new called Guided Games. The PC version will be even be leaving consoles' locked 30fps to a completely unlocked frame rate for those of us that want to try and match gameplay to cut scene graphics.

First, though, the gameplay reveal.

PC gamers are fortunate in that they won't have to worry about the 30 FPS limitations if they have a powerful enough rig, though the actual release date for the PC edition of the game is shrouded in mystery. Just defeat commander Ghaul-not-Gary and you'll be set!

Other PC-specific details include a promise for 4K support, adjustable FOV, unlocked framerate, and more.

Destiny 2 will introduce three new character subclasses to the mix, and will allow gamers to explore no less than four new explorable worlds. You can see them right here on the chip-maker's blog. Because nothing is more souring to a game launch than a PC version that performs poorly and is borderline unplayable at launch.

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