Theresa May vows to cut net migration to tens of thousands

Marco Green
May 20, 2017

Stand up to Racism co-convener Sabby Dhalu said: "The Tories look set to make employers pay more to hire migrant workers, while making migrants pay more to use the NHS".

Companies employing migrant workers will see the Immigration Skills Charge doubled to £2,000-a-year by the end of the parliament, with the revenue generated to be invested in higher level skills training for United Kingdom workers.

'We will replace the unfair and ineffective inclusivity rules that prevent the establishment of new Roman Catholic schools, instead requiring new faith schools to prove that parents of other faiths and none would be prepared to send their children to that school, ' it reads.

The party promises to create an immigration policy which allows the country to "attract the skilled workers our economy needs" while reducing and controlling the number who come to Britain from the EU.

Overseas students will remain in the immigration 55 statistics in line with global definitions and within scope of the government's policy to reduce annual net migration.

Despite predictions economic turmoil, Britain's economy surprised nearly all forecasters and grew by 1.8 percent a year ago, faster than all other Group of Seven economies in 2016 bar Germany.

The Conservative party's tough stance on immigration reaffirms a previous pledge to cut net migration to the tens of thousands.

There are promises to spend at least 8 billion pounds ($10.4 billion) more on health care by 2022, put more money into education and tackle the growing cost of elderly care, which risks becoming a crisis as the population ages.

May's economic vision outlined in the manifesto includes ideas more reminiscent of the centre-left Labour Party than traditional Conservative policies.

On top of that the Tory manifesto boasts "Britain is one of the world's most successful multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious societies" before acknowledging "we have communities that are divided, often along racial or religious lines". There are promises to strengthen regulators and cap energy prices to ensure consumers aren't ripped off by utility firms.

The Conservative platform, entitled 'Forward, Together: Our plan for a stronger Britain and a prosperous future", focuses on the need for "strong and stable" leadership through the Brexit process "and beyond', pledging extra funding for the NHS, the scrapping of the triple-lock on the state pension and a shake-up of social care provisions. A payment that pensioners now receive to help pay winter fuel bills will in future go only to the poorest.

Workers will also be given the right to request up to a year's unpaid leave to care for a relative.

May goes into the snap June 8 election she called with opinion poll ratings that indicate she will win a landslide comparable with Margaret Thatcher's 1983 majority of 144 seats in the 650-seat parliament.

Pro-Europe Tory MPs would find it harder to join fellow Europhiles in the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party (SNP) to form cross-party, anti-Brexit coalitions.

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