What does council vote tell us about general election?

Elias Hubbard
May 20, 2017

Speaking in Ellon as he launched his campaign to be re-elected on June 8, Mr Salmond stated: "I said the Tory support was on the rise, it should be said in Gordon constituency we got more councillors in than the Tories, we got 11 councillors to their nine and six for the Liberal Democrats".

The election result, which saw the Scottish National Party emerge as the biggest party in Scottish local government, but without any party gaining an overall majority in any of the 32 unitary authorities, is also expected to give COSLA the first non-Labour president in its history.

Last week the UK Prime Minister accused the European Union of interfering in the upcoming UK General Elections on 8 June, causing more tensions with the 27 member block and drawing criticism for provoking what some analysts fear could be a "no deal Brexit" situation.

She continued: "Last week's election result provides a great springboard for the general election here in Angus".

She added: "The truth is the more Tory MPs Westminster has, the heavier the price Scotland will pay".

"For the next few years, perhaps more than ever before, Scotland needs strong voices to stand up and make our voice heard".

Ms Davidson, launching her campaign with a stump speech in Edinburgh, said: "Caveats do apply, but even that notwithstanding, you see that this is pretty much a two-horse race (between the Tories and the SNP) in vast swathes of the country now".

Scottish Green co-convener Patrick Harvie said: "Our vote is clearly up and particularly where our candidates and campaigners have been active, it has had a definite impact on the results we are getting".

Opinium's head of political polling Adam Drummond said: 'The strains of the campaign spotlight have had some impact on the public perception of Theresa May, with Remain voters in particular feeling less convinced by her message than at the start of the campaign. Across Scotland, we also know people are looking for somebody to stand up to the SNP. As a result, it could present a particularly strong challenge to the SNP in such key seats as Moray, now held by Angus Robertson, and Perth, where the incumbent is Pete Wishart. There is now no doubt - they'll sacrifice Scotland's interests and jobs because they're far more concerned about winning votes from UKIP.

We believe that Together We're Stronger.

Last week's elections brought more bad news for Scottish Labour.

"Labour is collapsing but the SNP is dedicated to standing up for Scotland".

"The Tories are the party of the "rape clause" and hard Brexit".

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron brought his campaign bus to Scotland on Monday and said the choice was between electing the SNP as "cheerleaders for independence" at Westminster or his party, which would oppose independence and a hard Brexit, and fight for cash for mental health and education.

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