Tulsa Police Officer Is Found Not Guilty In Death Of Terence Crutcher

Olive Rios
May 20, 2017

A white Tulsa police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man past year has been found not guilty of first-degree manslaughter, outraging protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demonstrate against police brutality. Photos snapped by bystanders depict protesters holding hands in the streets after the court came to its decision.

Hours later, peaceful demonstrators collected outside of the Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, where Shelby is believed to be staying, per Fox 23 News.

"I don't know what she's going to do", McMurray said. In closing arguments, the district attorney told the jury to consider if Crutcher was "simply going to the auto with his hands up, and making the turn and pivoting to put his hands on the vehicle when the shot is fired".

The charge she faces, first degree manslaughter, which is in the heat of passion, requires a jury to find that: the death of a human, caused by defendant, was not excusable or justifiable and was in the heat of passion at the time of death. "Our thoughts and prayers should be with the Terence Crutcher and Betty Shelby families during this hard time".

Marq Lewis, organizer of the local civil rights group We The People Oklahoma, said the verdict was a blow to Tulsa's black community.

Many facts in the case (including whether a weapon was in Crutcher's vehicle - there was not) were heavily disputed before trial.

In any case, I'll add this case to the "outcome correctly predicted by Attorney Andrew Branca" side of the ledger. Gray told jurors that enhanced video clips of the shooting - captured on police dashboard camera and a helicopter hovering overhead - appear to show that Crutcher was shot five seconds before he appeared to reach inside the SUV.

For many, the verdict is a reminder of the other unarmed black men who have lost their lives at the hands of police in recent years - events that led to the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. "Our thoughts and prayers should be with the Terence Crutcher and Betty Shelby families during this hard time".

Crutcher's family also condemned the verdict and called the police department "corrupt".

Prosecutors said during closing arguments that Crutcher was not a threat to Shelby.

Protests over Crutchers death and Shelbys verdict have been peaceful.

The investigator wrote that Shelby, "reacted unreasonably by escalating the situation from a confrontation with Mr. Crutcher, who was not responding to verbal commands and was walking away from her with his hands up, becoming emotionally involved to the point that she over reacted".

Tiffany Crutcher, says that her brother did not show any aggression toward Shelby, did not attack her and did not threaten the officer. Another officer shocked him with a Taser at the same moment that the fatal shot was sacked.

Mr Crutcher's family was ushered out of the courtroom after the verdict.

He said he was disturbed to hear city of Tulsa leaders "saying they are proud of the jury and the decision that was made". And after she murdered by brother all of the officers involved with the Tulsa Police Department tried to cover for her.

About 30 minutes after the verdict, Mayor G.T. Bynum announced he and Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan would hold a press conference Thursday morning.

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