Here Is The Flash Season 3 Episode 22 Synopsis

Lawrence Kim
May 19, 2017

Basing half the season around a potential fridging of Iris West does a solid enough job of pointing to it, but Flash has had a lady issue for a while, and it's namely "We don't really really know what to do with them!" The show shouldn't kill her off either, because Iris is a really great character; however, The Flash needs to stop backing itself into these corners where they leave the viewers in a position where they can breathe a sigh of relief before the finale has even come. And this time, there was no turning back for Barry Allen. This means Team Flash has to find another way.

Who Is Barry Without His Lightning Rod?

. OF BARRY, made to look like Iris thanks to the transmogrification thingy. Thinking about it, wasn't that last scene with H.R. a little weird? This recurring theme undoubtedly made a lot of "WestAllen" shippers incredibly happy, because it solidified their place as the show's ultimate couple.

Will they bring her back?

As tonight's episode of the Flash builds for the final confrontation with Savitar, once again Barry is set to travel in time one more time to fetch Leonard Snart from the time stream to use him in this week's heist episode. So if Iris survives, how? Is this how The Flash will save Iris West?

She later accessed her mother's power of super strength and joined the JSA as the new Liberty Belle. Thus, her death was always going to be a shock. But if you still wish to continue anyway (or have seen the episode already) this might just sting. Picking up 24 hours before the death of Iris West, the hour opens with a melancholy montage of Team Flash's members either making last-minute adjustments to the Speed Bazooka or brooding because they haven't found a power source yet.

Can "The Flash" move on without Iris? One fan theory proposes that H.R. thought of recruiting Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) the moment he laid eyes on the broken piece of Savitar suit which the female speedster used to stab Savitar earlier in the season. It's a mess, but one thing "Infantino Street" got very right was that it actually allowed that bad moment between Iris and Savitar to play out. After a season of failures, the show capped off the Savitar saga with the ultimate failure. We end up with some touching moments between Joe and Iris and we get the feeling that Iris has come to terms with the idea she is likely to die. The whole point of all this was so Snart could convince Barry to stay a hero. The show had yet to focus on the heart of her journalism career and she never got to marry Barry. Who better to break into what we're told is the most secure government facility on the planet than a master thief with a cold gun? Savitar could have easily gone to H.R. knowing that he would feel guilty and give him away to make up for his mistake by disguising himself as Iris. Lyla doesn't trust Barry with something so powerful, considering how much he's screwed things up in the past. The prophesied battle begins, and Caitlin knocks Cisco down, but we don't get to see what's next. Cisco and Barry ask Lyla if they can have it, but she says no because it's a risky weapon, and she just doesn't trust Barry given all of the trouble he's caused in the past few months. You can check out the images in the gallery below along with the official description as well as the extended trailer from The CW.

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