Biggest cat in the world eats raw kangaroo

Elias Hubbard
May 20, 2017

Nicknamed "gentle giants" and "the dogs of the cat world", ever curious and friendly Maine Coons have become extremely popular on social media. In case you were wondering, the largest living non-domesticated cat is a liger-a cross of a tigress and a male lion-named Hercules who lives at wildlife reserve in SC. An Arabic-named supersized cat in Australia is now being considered for a Guinness World Record.

The current record holder is a 118cm Maine Coon from Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

Like this three-year-old Melbourne moggy named "Omar" who has been getting the spotlight recently as he may set a new Guiness World Record as the longest cat - measuring 120cm and weighing 14kg - and he is still growing!

'He got to that before he was one-year-old and that's when we sort of realised that he's not almost done yet'.

Hirst told Australia's Herald Sun newspaper: "At first I thought 'is this real?"

It can take 12 other weeks after the measurements are sent to the Guinness Records which might give Omar the title of the world's longest cat.

However, Ms Hirst believes that her feline would prefer to return to its relaxed life before it found fame.

Omar has a unique diet, as his owners feed him raw kangaroo meat for dinner.

She said Omar was placid, and ran away at the sign of trouble.

Omar's size works against him, however, with Hirst having to lock him out of her bedroom at night. "But he is really good at opening doors, sliding doors, kitchen cupboards, shower doors, wardrobes, he'll get past all of them", she added.

"He just likes to be able to go wherever he pleases so he will do whatever to find a way".

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