US, Japan request emergency UN Security Council session on N Korea: diplomats

James Marshall
May 15, 2017

"The President can not imagine that Russian Federation is pleased", the statement read.

In Brussels, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu called Pyongyang's move "a new flagrant breach of a series of United Nations Security Council Resolutions", constituting "a threat to worldwide peace and security".

North Korea's leader has said his regime is in the "final stage" of preparations to test an intercontinental ballistic missile, and while this may be North Korean bluster, with every test his engineers make a little more progress towards his goal. Moon has advocated dialogue with North Korea to denuclearize.

He pointed to worsening relations between Beijing and Pyongyang as the USA has increased pressure on China to act to reign in North Korea's nuclear program. The Kospi of South Korea climbed 0.2 percent to 2,290.65.

On Monday, North Korean state media showed photos of Kim Jong Un laughing and hugging his rocket scientists after the launch, which he personally oversaw, the report said.

"It tells Russian Federation, 'I can touch you, too, '" Schuster said.

"I don't know what North Korea is thinking of, they're so insane", she said, adding that the forum was a "chance for China to get more control of this kind of worldwide affairs".

On Sunday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping launched a major trade and infrastructure summit with multiple world leaders in Beijing.

This week North Korea sent a delegation to the Belt and Road initiative in Beijing.

"The timing is not coincidental", Schuster said, adding that Kim may be trying to get Putin more involved in the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea recently said it would hold talks with the U.S. "if the conditions were right", after President Trump said he would be "honoured" to meet Kim Jong-un under the right circumstances.

"Radars find it easier to detect approaching rockets than ones traveling tangential to them", he said.

Haley added that the United States will "continue to tighten the screws", referring to sanctions and working with the worldwide community to put pressure on Pyongyang.

The White House took note of the missile landing close to Russia's Pacific coast and said that North Korea has been "a flagrant menace for far too long". President Donald Trump has also said he'd be "honoured" to talk with leader Kim Jong Un under favourable conditions.

"The two countries, which have been committed to seeking a political solution to the Syrian conflict and the Korean Peninsular nuclear issue, have played the role of "ballast stone" in safeguarding regional and global peace and stability", Xinhua cited Xi as saying. "All sides should exercise restraint and refrain from taking actions that would further escalate tensions in the region", a statement from China's Foreign Ministry said.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters the launch was "absolutely unacceptable" and that Japan would respond resolutely.

North Korea on February 12 launched a Pukguksong-2 missile, an upgraded, extended-range version of its submarine-launched ballistic missile, from the same site.

Japanese officials said Sunday the missile flew for half an hour and reached an unusually high altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan.

The U.S. military's Pacific Command said it was assessing the type of missile that was sacked but it was "not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile".

That missile, launched April 29, blew up over land in North Korean territory, according to a spokesman for the US Pacific Command.

North Korea's missile launch Sunday came at a highly embarrassing time for China, its chief ally and economic partner.

Earlier this month, Trump said he would be willing to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "under the right circumstances".

One thing is certain: North Korea will certainly trumpet its success if it does now have the capability to strike the U.S. military bases on Guam, 3,400km from Pyongyang in the Western Pacific. The map produced for the poll showing where Americans thought North Korea might be located was downright embarrassing. "And we're going to continue, whether it's sanctions, whether it's press statements, anything that we have to do". The Trump administration has made a show of force in the region to deter those programs' development.

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