Watch Donald Trump's Reaction to the White House Correspondent's Dinner

Lawrence Kim
Мая 14, 2017

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, which organized protests outside the Farm Show Complex, called Trump out on his campaign promises and the time he has spent golfing in Florida. "Apocalypse delayed. Take the W'". We all love our parents. From Patton Oswalt to Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito, these comedians bring a dark humor to the President, while also reminding us just how much of a child he can be.

Ferrell walked onto the stage as the former president to massive applause, asking, "How do you like me now?" I see you, fam. "That way if I'm bombing, Brian Williams will describe it as stunning". I feel like I'm a tribute in The Hunger Games. Is Trump a Russian spy? "I don't know - maybe because when they turn on the TV looking for news, all they can find are journalists trying to referee a pack of well-coiffed message robots shouting at each other all day from increasingly tiny boxes". Without that, you might as well be tweeting jokes at realDonaldTrump, or blogging into the void.

"What I've been saying is the news is the star tonight, as corny as that sounds". But it feels like I'm watching CNN watch the news. "Figure out what you want to say, then go on the air". "W$3 hen lying is combined with secrecy, there is usually a pretty good road map in front of us".

While the White House Correspondents dinner was being held Donald Trump was miles away in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at a rally that felt like one of his old campaign stops.

You know things are bad when this is how you relax, Minhaj. "We'll get you some more", Bee promised.

"I don't have a solution on how to win back trust". "This was the most divisive speech I've ever heard from a sitting American president". "You're basically the presidential Fyre Festival". Not from advisors, not from experts, not from intelligence agencies. You can't make any mistakes.

"Free speech is the foundation of an open democracy, from college campuses to the White House", he said. And Minhaj was on the button when he declared that America was the only country which would, in our paranoid times, allow a Muslim immigrant to tear into the president.

This is for the first time in decades that a serving United States president decided against attending the annual event of journalists who cover him round-the-clock. But the president didn't show up.

Minhaj went on to tout the importance of the First Amendment - and the irony that Trump doesn't respect it, even if it gives him the freedom to tweet at will - and thanked the administration for inspiring the next generation of journalists. The man who tweets everything that enters his head refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it. Think about it, it's nearly - what is it, 11?

President Donald Trump is turning from his dramatic debut as an outsider president to focus on advancing his plans to cut taxes and get tough on trade deals. And that's his right!

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