Here are the unanswered questions about Trump's 'tapes' warning to Comey

Olive Rios
May 13, 2017

When asked about Trump's suggestion that he might do away with press briefings altogether and instead hand out written responses "for the sake of accuracy", Spicer said the president - like many other Americans - is frustrated with the media's coverage of his administration. During an exclusive interview Thursday with NBC News' Lester Holt, Trump said he'd previously planned to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director - which conflicted with what staffers and surrogates previously told the media about Comey's surprise ouster.

The White House has denied Mr Trump made such a request. He said at that dinner, Comey told him he was not under investigation. "That's clearly an impermissible question".

Rush called on Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan to "stop drinking the poison Kool-Aid" Trump is giving him and to take the lead on calling for an independent investigation into whether there was collusion between Trump associates and the Russians, and into Trump's decision to fire Comey, who was heading up the FBI investigation.

The FBI and House and Senate Intelligence Committees are all conducting investigations into Russia's interference in the US presidential election, including possible collusion between Russian operatives and Trump campaign officials.

This could be viewed as an effort to intimidate Comey, a potential witness in an investigation into Trump and his campaign.

"Either way, as with the first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon, this is a series of high crimes and misdemeanors", Mr Tribe said. "Trump's remark comes just hours after The New York Times published an account of a dinner he had with Comey a week after he was sworn in in January", the Daily Caller wrote, referring to reporting based on claims from unnamed individuals that Comey spoke to.

Trump's lawyers on Friday moved to try and quash any links between the president and Russia, saying that a review of his last 10 years of tax returns do not reflect "any income of any type from Russian sources", albeit with some exceptions, such as income from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant that was held in Moscow.

It's unclear whether the "tapes" Trump alluded to in his tweet would be audio or video recordings, or whether they exist at all.

He went on to explain that what he's stated all along is that when the intelligence community assessed last fall that Russian Federation interfered in the election, there wasn't any evidence used in that assessment to show collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. He said in an interview on Thursday with NBC News that Comey gave him this assurance during the January dinner at the White House and in two phone conversations. "I think, in my opinion, the Trump administration is falling into a downward spiral, into an abyss that is frightening to say the least". On Thursday Trump said he would have fired Comey regardless of any such recommendations.

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