Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion preview: Sheree Whitfield sets it up

Lawrence Kim
April 17, 2017

In the latest episode of the popular reality TV show, the woman admitted to the host, Andy Cohen that after giving birth to her now 1-year-old son, she felt like doing something to herself that would help her look like before the pregnancy.

Kenya kicked things off on this topic by saying that she did not believe that Sheree Whitfield was living in Chateau Sheree. Nothing quite that solid makes its way into the RHOA Reunion Part 1, but Kenya and Kandi sure did lay down a fairly strong foundation from which they could clobber her with.

"I just joined the club", she told Cohen, 48. But, Kenya Moore insisted she's "always had big boobs" and hasn't had any work done.

Sheree admitted the basement still wasn't done, but said that since the housewarming aired she'd had her appliances delivered. Perhaps Shamea has heard some unsavory things about Phaedra from Phaedra's former friend now enemy, Kandi Burruss? Kandi argued that on camera Phaedra was "all positive" and as soon as she didn't think she was being taped anymore, she would say things that were insane. Phaedra riding around with the top down with Kenya - like some updated version of Thelma & Louise - and hanging out during their "truce" must've all been for the cameras, as the "southern belle" had no problem calling Ms. Moore trifling after she tried to throw her and Cynthia a divorce party. Kenya brushed that off saying she'd asked everyone about that. "You want to have two different lives", Kenya said.

As for why Phaedra would act so two-faced as she laughs and yucks it up with Porsha about cutting ties with Apollo but then acting like the somber, heartbroken divorcée in her confessionals, Kenya chalked it up to Phaedra's virgin/whore complex, which has her switch irrationally between both sides. When she was asked about the diminished state of their friendship, Kandi gave Andy an earful when he asked if they could ever fix their friendship. "You are an angry person", Porsha said.

Burruss was not ashamed to reveal that she indeed got breast implants, also adding that she is definitely not the only one. It's a huge platform, and you just have to take the necessary evils that go along with it.

Porsha didn't attend that engagement party because she was uncomfortable being there with Kandi, with whom she had drama with.

Out of all the housewives on the show, I feel like Porsha is the only one who's been known to pop off and is actually trying to better herself and remove herself from any potentially toxic situations before they turn into a full-blown fight.

Real Housewives of Atlanta finales often are filled with iconic moments, but the first installment hasn't seen too many of those barn burning lines, wig yanks, or shady comments, and this opening chapter is practically a snooze.

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